Talking on Purpose with Jen Louden & Tara Mohr

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Jen Louden and Tara Mohr are two people I relish connecting with. Why? They’re real, smart, infinitely creative. They also get that in order to captivate their audiences, they first have to create work that’s true and real. They get what tracking wonder is all about – tapping into our native emotional genius so we can make our patch of the planet a better place.

Jen is one of the most genuine and far-reaching teachers in the field of personal growth & creativity I know. A pioneer in her field, she’s also become a phenomenal teacher who brings out the great teacher in all of us.


Tara has the gift of clarity about what it takes for women to play big in life. Her wit makes the “play” part genuine, and her track record shows she knows what going for “big” in an authentic way requires.


Not too long ago, I found an excuse to talk with these two radiant people as they each came back onto my idea radar. I was preparing a talk about how successful creative people let their purpose unfold with intelligent passion. (I have my qualms about using heavy words like “purpose” and “calling” too loosely.) Anyway, within the same week, Tara and then Jen published articles about purpose and calling. And their views differed from each other. And from mine. Great excuse to have a conversation, I thought.

That is what we did. We had a talk on purpose, a call on calling. 

And I was right: In the middle of the conversation, Jen’s and Tara’s (and my) fundamentally different views on purpose and calling came out loud and clear. Listen in at 9:41 & at 26:40 especially. And around 32:14 Tara lobs big questions about “the force of calling” that elicits three very different takes on what Tara called “the theology of calling.” And that’s what a conversation is for – to turn with different points of view.

We really explore wide facets of living with purpose – from the daily nitty-gritty to the transcendent (or biological) force that calls us. Please eavesdrop and then contribute to the conversation in the comments section below. If you take the conversation to Twitterland, use the hashtag #onpurpose to track our views.

As a bonus, we three created a tool to help you “Create Into Purpose and Calling: questions for your daydreams, your pen & paper, your community.” Get your Calling Questions and start flowing on purpose.

(Note: I am an affiliate of each Jen’s and Tara’s programs – something that arose spontaneously after our conversation. So, if you do register from these links for Jen’s Teach Now course or Tara’s Playing Big course, I do receive a percentage that will, in essence, contribute modestly to Tracking Wonder’s operations expenses. Thank you.)

A Talk on Purpose, A Call on Calling
with Jen Louden, Tara Mohr, and Jeffrey Davis

Note: If podcast player does not appear, please refresh your page.
The Set-Up

Fear and the Challenges of Daily Life & Higher Callings (3:08)

The Parent Thing, Kiddos, & Following a Calling (21:37)

The Source & Force of What We Call “Calling” (32:14)

Pursue Your Purpose & Calling with One of Us (43:45)
Tara is taking women through a powerful leadership & personal growth program for Playing Big. If you’re ready to meet your calling with an able guide and stretch yourself beyond your wildest dreams – all in a grounded way – start Playing Big.

TeachNow! ignite your teaching.Jen’s Teach Now course is for people ready to step up and teach or who are ready to make teaching more joyous. If you have a gift or idea to share and know teaching is in part your calling, secure a spot with this pioneer and Teach Now. Some of my clients and one of the Yoga As Muse Facilitators have taken the course to high review.

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Add to the conversation: What fear has made you or other people you work with reluctant to follow a calling? How do you meet daily obligations while also living with purpose? What different take do you have on purpose & calling?

And use the #onpurpose hashtag if you take the conversation to Twitter.

See you in the woods,

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