Business and Creative Retreat Tips and Support

To get traction on projects and business vision, you need to take a break from work-as-usual, but not all sabbaticals and retreats are equal.

Designer Stefan Sagmeister takes a yearlong sabbatical every seven years.

The first one he took was disastrous.

In this video I tell you the three things Sagmeister did differently for the second sabbatical he took that helped make it a breakthrough success.

You don’t have to take a yearlong sabbatical to learn from these three things.

Our clients take Deep Dive Retreats of 8, 24, 48, and 72 hours that have helped them advance brand strategies, big endeavors, business visions, and books.

In this video, I also share with you the three things you need for a short-term personal business & creative retreat you can take within an hour of where you work and live.

I also tell you how you can receive for free our simple Deep Dive Retreat document that I send to private clients.

Enjoy, and thanks for running with me,



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