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Mark McGuinness

One of my favorite creativity blogs is Mark McGuinness’s Lateral Action. Based in London, Mark is a poet who consults with entrepreneurs, creatives, and businesses. Sound familiar? He’s on the board of a literary magazine – one I published in a dozen years ago. He was a reluctant entrepreneur. He is a kindred spirit.

So, I’m thrilled he’s posted my guest blog, “Create in the Twilight Zone.”
Here’s the beginning (and zap over to Lateral Action and leave your comments there – and then subscribe to Mark’s blog and his slew of other fantastic offerings):

Each morning before dawn, novelist Nicholson Baker would slip out of bed without waking his wife, creep downstairs without stirring his kids, make a pot of coffee, light a fire in his wood-burning stove, flip on his laptop – the only other light besides the flames – and write.

In that dark twilight space between wake and dream, Baker created a quirky novella that celebrates the extraordinary of the ordinary: A Box of Matches. His naïve narrator, a medical textbook editor who lives in Maine with wife, kids, and duck Greta, riffs on everything from the pleasure of how a dishwasher’s top rack rolls out to the exhilaration of scrubbing first thing in the morning a dish left out overnight (“smiling with the clenched-teeth smile of the joyful scrubber”).

What Baker and his narrator embody are what novelist Jonathan Rosen says every great writer possesses: wonder. Read the rest.

See you in the woods,

P.S. More prompts from the Virtual Tracking Wonder Retreat to come this week!
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  • Jeffrey Willius

    Hi Jeffrey — I’m sure it’s no surprise that I loved your post on Lateral Action. Very perceptive and nearly all of it stuff I try all the time to articulate — albeit not always as clearly as you have here. Great job!!

    • Jeffrey

      Jeff – Thanks for your kind words. Yes, as a fellow wonder-tracker, you surely resonate with my suggestions. Thanks for dropping in the Hut.

  • Mark McGuinness

    Thanks Jeffrey, it was great to feature you on Lateral Action, and judging from the response in the comments, my readers agreed!

    • Jeffrey

      My pleasure and honor, Mark. Fantastic questions and comments from the readers at Lateral Action!

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