Meaning, Magic, and the Wonder of Everyday Life: A Tracking Wonder Interview

Curious about just what ‘tracking wonder’ means? How to practice it? Why you’d want to?

Portland Helmich, of Kripalu Perspectives, interviewed me recently on just these very questions and more.

Portland is a delightful, thoughtful interviewer who covered a lot of wonder-ground in this interview.

Check out the full interview here.

00:40: What does ‘tracking wonder’ mean?

01:48 How did you get interested in this endeavor?

03:00 Tracking wonder amidst turmoil and hardships

03:50 How do you cultivate wonder during turmoil or peace?

05:05 Starting to notice and engaging the environment creatively

06:00 What do you mean by wonder being one of adults’ most responsible emotions to cultivate?

06:55 The difference between being responsible to our best self’s purpose versus fulfilling obligations to others

07:53 How can cultivating wonder possibly be useful to someone who’s not a writer or painter but, say, an investment banker or accountant?

09:12 So you’re not suggesting that the goal is that we should be perpetually in joy-filled amazement?

10:00 Is giving yourself over to wonder scary for some people since you have to surrender control?

11:25 What kinds of shifts will I recognize if I start paying attention to small delights?

12:42 What is one thing we can do to begin tracking wonder? 3 highlights?

Enjoy – and have a wondrous weekend.

See you in the woods,

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