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Creativity + Yoga + Story-telling Anthology & Website Launches

Hi, All,
I brim with enthusiasm. Two years ago, I trained the first set of Yoga as Muse Facilitators to bring the creativity-yoga goodness to their respective tribes throughout North America.
Then, they set off on a publishing adventure. And the result of their impressive creative momentum and creative collaboration is here – both in book form and in website form.
There’s lots here for any of you
who know your body contains and keeps rich stories for the telling,
who intuits that a wellspring of creative insight and execution is virtually a harnessed breath away,
who realize that – damn! – this creative life is challenging but, O!, how much more ease-fully we can navigate those challenges with a practice and a TRIBE.
Upcoming events in Iowa, Canada, New York, and elsewhere.
Join the TRIBE that loves your Muse.
Read more below.
Spread the embodied goodness.
And let us know if you’d like to become a YAMbassador!
See you in the woods,


Stories We Keep: A Yoga as Muse Anthology is now available!

And the StoriesWeKeep.com website – complete with ongoing resources for your creativity, story-keeping, publishing, and innovation – has launched! Upcoming events, too.

Order the book before March 15, and receive a coupon to download the ebook version for FREE!

Enjoy this beautiful anthology of Yoga As Muse-infused writings from the original Yoga As MuseTM facilitator tribe, edited by Dawn Curtis and Robin Bourjaily, with an introduction from Center to Page founder Jeffrey Davis.

Stories We Keep: A Yoga as Muse Anthology is a labor of love that started as an intention—a tiny seed—nearly two years ago. How could we share with you the simple ways that yoga can enhance creativity, and showcase some of the results at the same time?

The results far exceeded our expectations. From the wonderful introduction to the powerful writing and thoughtfully-answered questions on the practice to the beautiful cover design, all aspects of the anthology were inspired by the common thread that the authors share to spark their creativity: Yoga as MuseTM – YAM for short.

“… a beautifully crafted gathering of these five kindred spirits, each providing appealing, creative glimpses into their writings and the Yoga as Muse (YAM) process. Stories We Keep delivers an appealingly profound peek into the process, liberally sprinkled with humor, poignancy and even some comfort food cooking tips, thanks to the collaborators embracing their acronym in all its pithy, tuber goodness … one needn’t be a practitioner to appreciate the literary craftsmanship, tips and insights contained within this book.”
~ John Busbee, from his upcoming review of the Anthology at www.theculturebuzz.com

The stories you’ll read in Stories We Keep: A Yoga as Muse Anthology are authentic writings of new love, betrayal, and coming of age, brought to the page through movement, meditation, and the breath. And enjoy a few YAM recipes thrown into the mix to sweeten things up!

Much love and warm wishes from the contributors,

Dawn Curtis and Robin Bourjaily (editors)
Jeffrey Davis (introduction)
Cat Holm
Bhavi Rivais
Tanya Robie

Call to Media, Bloggers,
& Other YAMbassadors

If you write for a sizable publication or blog or have a radio show, contact us to arrange for an interview. Topics include how yoga’s tools & the science of yoga infuse and deepen creative process and creative problem-solving; why we all need to keep and then share authentic stories; how collaborative publishing can be gratifying – and challenging; & more.

5 Quick Ways to Amp Up the Goodness
1. Forward this email.
2. Send out barbaric yawps to your social media networks.
3. Buy 3 copies – one for you, one for your friend who needs it, and one for your friend who has her or his own story to keep and share.
4. Like our Facebook page & connect to the TRIBE.
5. Visit storieswekeep.com, and start participating.

More to come
from the TRIBE that loves your Muse.

Visit the Stories We Keep website to get resources for your muse & story-keeping, learn more about the contributors, read excerpts, and purchase the book. Paperback and e-book versions available!


$8.99 USD


$4.99 USD
ebook; Smashwords Edition

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