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You only get one 2014. Make it your “Why not?” year.

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The Idea

The idea started to congeal this past summer: In the past few years, I had offered a creative work flow series, an author’s mentorship program that sold out, and a live author’s intensive that sold out – all of which were met with great fanfare.

But last summer, I yearned to offer something more cohesive throughout the year. I wanted to offer continuity in guiding the arc of an intelligent creative’s quest and career. In short, I wanted to design a series of experiences that would take creatives, authors, business artists, coaches, and thought leaders on a life-shaping, skill-building quest – from “good enough” to thriving. Each experience would build on the next. Throughout the year. And we’ve done it.

We’ve created a series of 5 incomparable learning expeditions – three online and two live – designed to help you truly live your quest and live the “What if?” or “Why not?” question that burns inside you this year. Collectively, we call the expeditions Live the Quest 2014 – with Rainer Rilke as our spokesperson and inspiration, no less.

We’ve completely revamped the original creative work flow course, the mentorship program, and the author’s intensive. Plus, we’ve integrated two new experiences – one live on Paradise Island, Bahamas, and one online that starts this Friday.

Adventurous and curious creatives. Quiet business artists. Accomplished authors and coaches and teachers and thought leaders ready for a fresh start. The makers of the world. You’re whom we’re calling.

You do not have to commit to a whole year. You can join the experiences that most directly speak to their needs and yearnings.

I’m telling you this now for three reasons:

1. Some of our loyal Wild Pack members have already taken spots in the first two expeditions – Your Potential Difference and Your ArtMark.

2. Your ArtMark begins Friday, January 24, and there are savored spots left. We’re holding registration open for a few more days.

3. Many of you have inquired already about the Your Captivating Book Mentorship program that begins this May. If you’re still juggling multiple projects and life responsibilities, and you’re not prioritizing writing your book, then I seriously recommend you get on-board Your Potential Difference. We’ve priced it starting at $99/month to make it easy for you to start living your quest this year. Spots are left (We haven’t “done the numbers” online yet.). It begins January 31.

Expedition Highlights:

  • Every expedition integrates the wisdom of the art & science of creativity and optimal living. We’ve incorporated smart creative problem-solving tasks, helpful prototyping exercises, and self-awareness activities so you flourish not only while engaged in the experience – but also after the ecstasy. You’ll sample as well my integration of Jungian, humanist, cognitive, social, and neuro-psychology + my background in Zen and yogic traditions for the art of living designed to help you have a deeper experience – without the woo-woo effect.
  • Every expedition has smart educational design. We take pride not only on delivering high-quality content and ideas but also in sequencing and dripping out that content in a way that you can assimilate and test out.
  • Every expedition includes an elegantly designed Field Guide or Workbook (from 40-120 pages!) that helps you use & apply the content well after the expedition. * Every expedition is designed to let you take advantage of the Pack Factor without feeling held back or crowd-overwhelmed. Because we limit numbers and because we filter who can and cannot get on-board, you’re assured high-quality online or live interaction with your peers. Many people build friendships and strong networking relationships and partnerships through our programs.
  • Every expedition includes direct interaction with me – with options for 1:1 mentorship. I don’t thrive by delivering and disappearing. I thrive by showing up and rolling up my sleeves with you. In some cases, you also have options to work 1:1 with Heidi, Tanya, or Cathy – our beloved Premium Consultants and my wings (Can a guy have three wings?). In this way, you can customize your expedition experiences.

We’ve included much more information at our Live the Quest Expeditions headquarters page. 

If one or more of these expeditions resonates with you, get on board or contact Heidi here today to schedule a pro bono discovery session to assess which experiences make the most sense for you.

Regardless, I want us all to add our verse to what’s created this year. This year, we can call upon our original genius and change the world’s white noise into something beautiful, real, true. That’s what tracking wonder is all about.

Be well, and thanks for running with me,


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