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“Good Stress” Increases Creativity in the Workplace (Creativity at Work Tip video)

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It doesn’t matter how mindful you try to be at work, you’re going to get stressed. It’s inevitable. Not all stress is equal. There are dis-stressors that can paralyze your creativity at work, and there are eu-stressors that can catalyze your creativity at work.

The following findings will interest you if you work on a team or even if you work alone.

The recent study conducted by two psychologists gathered data from over 280 employees. Those employees worked on research and development teams in a variety of fields and industries, from food making, to manufacturing, to software development.

Here’s what the psychologists examined: First, they broke down creativity at the work place into its two parts. Creativity is the generation of novel and useful ideas, but it also includes the ability to execute and run with the best of those ideas. Generating ideas and executing those ideas.

Which stressful factors in the work place actually contribute best to which stages of creativity?

In the video below, I talk through their findings and how you can apply it to your work and life.

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