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Free Follow-Up Offer for Writers – Correction

Note: This is the follow-up in the Be Possible Writing Project  series.
The introduction to the Be Possible Project
will get you up to speed on the science behind the project.
Day 1: Symphonic Activity
Day 2: Creative Dexterity
Day 3: Rhythmic Creative Actions
Day 4: Creative Packs

Update: Hi, All! Thanks for your enthusiasm about the gratis offer below. To send your writings, go to this contact link and cut-n-paste your writings there, or send me a message, and I’ll give you an e-address so you can send attachments. I look forward to it.

Thanks for your notes about the Be Possible Writing Project. I’ll share a few details from my 2012 project ~ and then I’ll offer you a free follow-up deal.

I envisioned my best wondrous self’s Symphonic Activities ~ more regular writing of my book, my children’s book, and my poetry chapbook ~ more engaged group facilitation and creative immersion ~ more effortless yet challenging work with clients & Tracking Wonder members via meetings & tele-seminars.

My enterprises will peak at their current levels and demand some clearing by 2013. What that means, I don’t know yet.

What’s missing admittedly is Symphonic Activity outdoors. I might re-visit this first invitation because I want to envision a Symphonic Activity that takes me, video camera in hand, to record more tracking wonder moments among the woods.

I wrote into my challenges and obstacles. The key challenge indisputably is time. It’s why I’m obsessive about Shaping Time. It’s why I called “Show Up and Shape Time” the Second Preparation for any serious creative practice. I’m aware of it. I’m engaged with it. I have tools at my disposal and feel confident as a Dexterous Creative to finesse more strategies – with all six hands – to live with time more than be obsessed about being on it or not having enough of it.

I wrote into my Rhythmic Creative Actions, too. Here are just a few of my RCA Adages on behalf of creating:

* No digital screens 45 minutes before bed. Most nights.
* In bed early. Most nights.
* Up before 6.
* The morning rhythm: 10-minute dashes down the road during the winter. Then straight to the tea kettle and caddy and then the shower and then the mat and then the desk.
* 90-minute work sessions, when feasible.
* Break regularly to dance and sing and play guitar.
* Be mindful with delight in tiny spaces of time all day long.
*  For each season: 1 48-hour in-house writing retreat a month for two months followed by a 5-day immersion outside of the house.

These conditions really do prime me for tracking wonder.

Enough about me. Now here’s what I’m offering you.


You should know by now I love reading other people’s stories. It’s one thing I simply thrive on.

Plus, I’m a follow-up hound. I want to know if and how well interventions work. Or not.

So, here’s the deal:

  1. Send me your four writings for the Be Possible Writing Project the past four days. In complete confidentiality, of course.
  2. Subscribe either to A Hut of Questions and/or my On the Right Track newsletter (if you’re not already) in the boxes to the right.
  3. Tweet or post on your Facebook page a shout-out that you’ve completed the Be Possible Writing Project (Twitter hashmark #bepossible).
  4. And for the first five of you to send me your four writings, let’s have 2 1:1 45-minute follow-up chats. One in June. One in December. We’ll review your writings. We’ll talk without judgment about what’s been happening for six months and we’ll discuss strategies and interventions for how to move forward and maintain creative momentum. Free. (The value of 2 45-minute sessions with me is now about $375.00.)

Offer ends this Monday, January 16. I’ll let you know if you’re one of the first five, and we’ll set up your 2 free follow-up meetings immediately (yes, even if you’re an existing client or member!).

I give you free time, consulting, and coaching. You fuel what I thrive on by giving me the opportunity to read your stories and see what works to help you be your best possible, most wondrous self. Who loses from that?

And if this writing & reflection experience has resonated with you, consider joining me at the Yoga As Muse for Creative Writing courses in the Bahamas or at the Tracking Wonder for Creatives Retreat in Taos, New Mexico.

See you in the woods,

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  1. 1) Symphonic–uses contrapuntal and variational techniques in poetry.
    2) Creative dexterity–has discovered that using simple words correctly has placed an added level of “indeterminancy” in poetry.
    3)Rhythmic creative actions–hums made-up tunes while scanning and editing poetry.
    4)Creative packs–reads regularly at http://www.madswirl.com because the people there are more into life than some of the poetasters who are compensating for their lost youthfulness.

    1. Marsha ~ Scanned versions are fine to be factored in the mix – followed by clean typed versions. Cheers.

  2. I wonder if I entered correctly. I did submit responses, but just posted on Facebook now. As I said there, the big accomplishment of the year was just completing the challenge to begin with, without agonizing too much. Maybe I should go back and do one or two of the challenges again, slower, now that I’ve sort of broken the ice.

    1. I haven’t reviewed your writings, yet, Laura. There is no “correct” format except that you’re gaining from the process. And it sounds as if you are! Thanks for the Facebook “love message.” Your struggle – completion + no agony – probably resonates with a lot of people.