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6 sure-fire steps to build an irresistible
mission-centered brand in the 21st century


March 27 | March 29 | April 3
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Dear Change-Maker ~

I’ve seen it happen too many times. Great ideas go ignored.

I bet you have a great idea that could make a true difference in other people’s lives. If you’re like the thousands of people I’ve worked with and spoken to, you’re talented and hard-working. There’s probably a potent yet dormant message behind your business or creative efforts.

But – and it’s a big but – not enough people know about what you’re doing.

Or you’re doing so many things at once you fumble to say aloud what exactly it is you do. And why it matters.

Or maybe you’re ready, finally, to stop hiding your point of view and become the face, voice, and vision of your endeavors.

Maybe, just maybe, you’re ready to earn a greater return – financially and emotionally – on the work you’re uniquely talented at and the distinct ideas you have.

And maybe to you all of the hub-bub of glittery marketing techniques feels inauthentic and gimmicky.

I get it. I’ve been through all of those challenges and resistances, and so have the many entrepreneurs, professionals, creatives, executives, and organizations, that I’ve helped flourish.

Listen. Today is not the day to slip back into cynicism and self-defeat.

Wouldn’t you love to wake up on purpose and ready to engage ideal clients, customers, community members?

It’s possible.

What if you could build your brand and business on your strengths, values, and talents to create a mission-driven cohesive message and not only increase your distinct impact in the world but also increase your financial return beyond trading dollars for hours?

In this exclusive, free MasterClass, I am sharing 6 sure-fire steps to build and position your mission-centered brand for exponential impact and sustainable income.

Whether you’re working from scratch or from an outdated brand, these steps work.

I don’t have all of the answers, but I do know 6 steps to guide you as you build a brand that is integral to who you are and what your mission is.

The solutions and tips I offer work over and over again to help anyone move closer toward fulfilling their dreams of discovering and shaping their mission-centered brand and business.

The insights you’ll gain in my MasterClass have worked for entrepreneurs, professionals, solo-preneurs, and agile creatives at all levels in numerous fields – law, health & wellness, creativity, spirituality, business consulting, corporate consulting, personal growth.

I’m sharing these solutions in this exclusive MasterClass because, frankly, now more than ever the world needs you to stand up for your distinct message and share it.

Learn 6 sure-fire steps to build an irresistible
mission-centered brand in the 21st century.

During this 90-minute Master Class you will:

Learn 6 sure-fire steps

to create your mission-centered brand.


Discover why you should focus more on telling your burning story

than only on selling your stuff.


Learn the #1 secret

to growing your impact & income in the 21st century.


Participate in invaluable interactive exercises & dialogue

to help you shape your irresistible brand.


Receive direction

in working with instead of against your fears.


Get an exclusive insider’s look

at a series of one-of-a-kind live 4-day immersions for professionals, creatives & entrepreneurs. You’ll also get a chance to take your spot at the table before anyone else!


Receive a bonus worksheet & 72-hour access

to a recording of the MasterClass.

Learn 6 sure-fire steps to build an irresistible
mission-centered brand in the 21st century.


Veteran brand story & thought leader strategist, author, and speaker Jeffrey Davis relishes equipping high-performing professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives to advance brands, businesses, and revenue-building frameworks that enrich a part of the world.

He heads up Tracking Wonder Consultancy that shapes captivating brand stories & strategies for individuals and organizations.

As an online columnist on the psychology of creativity for Psychology Today, The Creativity Post, and Thrive Global, he combines elements of creative thinking, design thinking, story architecture, and collaborative problem-solving to the field of branding.

Clients have described him as limitlessly compassionate and uncompromisingly truthful.

Learn 6 sure-fire steps to build an irresistible
mission-centered brand in the 21st century.

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