Here’s to the true creative heroes.

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Here’s to the heroes.

The people you admire and who reflect the best in you back.

The people who risk their comfort to make part of the world a little better.

The people who will not be hushed, squashed, or swept aside in service of their creative medicine.

The people who still work hard every day because they find value in real work and in the soul of craft.

The people who live the burning questions because they know meaning resides in a hut of questions more than in an ivory tower of answers. 

Here is to the people who awaken the best in you to be, act, and create even better. (Share this. Thanks.)

Here is to the heroes who both awaken that quality in me everyday and who wake me up.

Here is to you.Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 7.09.43 AM



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