How is this Day Part of a Creative Quest?

Image: Matt McGee

Days spellbound me. Most of them, at least.

Like a boy with an unshaped summer day ahead, I still take it upon myself to “shape” a day, to give non-rigid intention and meaning to its flow.

But to make a day a quest, now that is an art I’m trying to finesse, and I’m refining the tools we need for a creative quest.

A quest comes with a meaningful purpose that frames actions.

A quest requires living with heart-pumping uncertainty of what’s around the next bend and yet confidence and tools to penetrate the unknown city.

A quest comes with risks worth taking and that demand wits, focus, and  awakened skills to pull off.

A quest brings continuity to a series of days, months, years.

I know that. But how to make the day a quest or part of a quest, then?

I have my hunches, some of which I’ll share soon with a group of dynamic creatives in America’s most famous small town of Woodstock, New York.

But I want your take.

How do you make a day part of a quest? What regular morning rhythms help frame the day with creative purpose? How do you keep checking back in with your creative purpose through noon and after? Do you have any evening rhythms that help you assimilate and make sense of your day’s field notes? I’d love to hear your stories.

See you in the woods,

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