Leadership & Teamwork

To lead with your ideals in a cynical world is courageous. If you’re an CHRO, Director,
or team leader of any kind, start with this collection.

Branding as Creative Process, Abby Kerr, & Voice Notes

Years ago, when I heard the word “branding” I admittedly thought of cattle burned, owned, and herded. Where was the art? The creativity? The humanity of trying to herd people into buying something? But as a creative-entrepreneur, I’ve since radically…

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What Makes a Vision Tangible & Real?

Connecting at Wild Earth in the Hudson Valley With our digi-mindsets and social media connections, it’s easy to focus on “big” visionaries across the U.S. and beyond for inspiration. People launching big enterprises and books and…

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Each week I offer tools and perspective to help you stay open to what’s possible, question how we could work better, and reclaim a life of meaning and possibility.