The Wondrous Life

Although work can be profoundly meaningful and life-giving, we are not our work. This collection inspires you with ideas to foster wonder through writing and other means for your life outside of work.

Warning: You Cannot Plug in Your Potential

Every writer has dormant potential to be realized. Potential is not static, and pre-programmed It’s not an, “Either you have writing potential or you don’t” proposition. Your potential is like dynamic water. When harnessed, your potential rises and rushes forward in…
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Books That Matter to Tom Folsom

In this Books That Matter feature, Tom shares his forecast for the future of publishing, the book he thinks you should read immediately, and which author is his current obsession.
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Books That Matter to Jenny Milchman

In a sentence or two, what’s your forecast for the future of
 publishing? In a—French—word or phrase: La plus ca change. I think that the speed, convenience, and ease of use posed by Amazon, as well as the democratizing factor of…
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Books That Matter to Jesse Lee Kercheval

What if you lost your spouse and your child in the same accident? And what if soon thereafter you discovered you have a twin sibling you didn’t know you had and that your birth parents weren’t the ones who raised…

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Why Crowdfund Your Book Project?

I sneered at the idea of funding a book via “crowdfunding” when I first heard about it a few years ago. But that sneer was a cognitive trap. Crowdfunding (gathering finances from groups of people) a book trips authors out…

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Each week I offer tools and perspective to help you stay open to what’s possible, question how we could work better, and reclaim a life of meaning and possibility.