Magic: An Urban Fable of Awakened Senses (and a Wish for You)

Autumn Leaf by irashid007

Confession: I’m not a Harry Potter fan, but I am a fan of magic. Not so much the sleight-of-hand, bunny-from-a-hat, saw-the-person-in-half, Warlocks-and-wizards brand of magic. But the sleight-of-senses brand. The brand of magic that lifts the hazy filter from my eyes and lets me not just see but feel on my skin the utter breath-taking reality of this moment among maple leaves and machinery.

So, for you this second day of autumn I give you this story and a wish:
Magic: An Urban Fable of Awakened Senses (and a Wish for You).

Enjoy, and drop in the Hut today and let me know how you encounter magic in this phenomenal world. And then drop in at Three Highlights this evening to share the magic of this day.

See you in the woods,
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  1. Wonderful post, Jeffrey. And congratulations on the pick-up from Psychology Today!
    I can’t help but wonder if your Manhattan man will remember his little epiphany the following morning…