Mastering Your Creative Work Flow from the Inside-Out

A Webinar Series for Creatives, Creative Professionals, & Entrepreneurs

I’m offering a mini-course in direct response to what some of you have told me you need.

Many of you have more ideas than you’ll ever execute in this one wild lifetime. How do you capture and do something with the ideas that matter most? And how do you handle unexpected emergencies that arrive like unbidden creative party crashers and throw you off-track?

Despite your good efforts, sweat, your “get things done” mentality, you have lack of time, lack of energy, lack of focus.

The truth is, sustaining momentum is difficult.  It’s messy. But you do not have to be an uber-focused, superhero creative or enterpriser to flourish and manifest your projects.

But you can own your method. You can craft a flexible create-n-work flow system that does more than simply help you work more. It helps you work wisely and in alliance with your core values.

You can aim to master your flow.

Pursuing mastery is not about perfection or performance. Pursuing mastery is about intentionally partnering with your mind and your methods. Pursuing mastery is about deliberately testing out what works for you and being honest about what doesn’t.

And it’s about having compassion for your best self when your best laid plans go awry.


In this compact series, you’ll come away not only with a creative’s tool belt that runneth over. You’ll also come away with ideas for designing your own work flow for the long haul.

  • If you have difficulty launching or keeping up with a project, this series is for you.
  • If many roles & obligations squish out time for the juicy projects that matter most, you’ll love this series.
  • If everything is going swimmingly, but you want to refine your work flow from “good enough” to “great,” you’ll definitely love this series.
  • If you’re ready to partner with your creative mind and fall in love with it again, you’ll relish this series.


No promises of a problem-free life here because, well, a key part of being creative means adeptly solving problems (and seeking the right ones). But you will receive a lot.

Here’s what you get:

  • 4 75-minute live webinar sessions (an energizing mix of presentation & discussion)
  • Recorded sessions if you cannot attend live on June 25 and 28, July 9 and 12 @ 1-2:15 pm EST/10-[11:15] PST
  • Worksheets to accompany each session
  • A forum of creatives & professionals – a Wild Pack – just for us to sustain our momentum between sessions
  • Concrete tools, strategies, and micro-systems to sustain your creative momentum in good times and bad
  • An opportunity to discuss your specific challenges and how to adapt accordingly


Topics we’ll embrace include

  • Purpose – how to put your purpose in perspective so you will wake up ready to go with something more than a to-do list
  • Time-Sculpting – how to use the Mind Rooms Method & other tools to sculpt hours, days, months, and seasons artfully for your creative work flow
  • Fire – the neuroscience of how to build vitality and persistence
  • Focus – the neuroscience & yoga psychology of how to cultivate creative mindfulness and switch from distraction to focus
  • Creative Insight– how to become more aware of your awareness, capture your ahas!, and translate them to quick action
  • How to cultivate Mindwanderness when you need it
  • How to use the Tracking Wonder IDEA Method for refining your creative work flow


You also get to pick my brain from my experience as

  • an author of two books & a writer of fiction & poetry for 25 years
  • a consultant & coach whose clients include NYT best-selling authors, thriving creatives, & flourishing enterprisers
  • an entrepreneur with three thriving complementary brands
  • a trainer and speaker
  • an avid researcher into the science & spirit of captivating creativity
  • a leader in the field of embodied creativity
  • a columnist for PsychologyToday.com and The Creativity Post
  • a humble papa and hubbie who crafts the life-work continuum every day
  • a spiritual aspirant and devoted yogi & meditator


I’m keeping the price low because I want as many of you as possible to benefit so we all can continue bringing more greatness, wonder, beauty, and meaningful provocation to this world.

You receive all of the above for $98 if you register by June 19.
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$148 if you register after June 19.


Follow the simple steps below, and we’ll be on our way to crafting a very different work flow – regardless of what little and big surprises that Eris, the goddess of chaos, tosses in our path.

Webinar Series for Creatives, Creative Professionals, & Entrepreneurs
$98 if registered by Jun 19

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$148 if registered after Jun 19

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I can’t wait to start tracking wonder with you so we all can be artful, aware, and intentional maestros. Let the symphony begin.

By the way: Interested in bringing some friends along for the ride and getting a bonus for doing so? Click here to learn more.

See you in the woods,



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