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Your Big, Bold Creative Life with Melissa Dinwiddie: Tracking Wonder Conversation

MelissaDinwiddie_bigsmile-e1368336180385We often hear about the importance of play when it comes to creating new things and ideas. John Cleese says, “If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play.”

But what about creating a new life? A whole new way of viewing yourself and of acting in the world? Where does play come into what I would call this existential creativity (Sartre in a sandbox, anyone)?

If it’s hard work to create a book or a CD or a program, then it must be hard work to create the life you’ve dreamed of. Right? And if it’s hard work, where is there any room for play?

Those are some of the questions I ask in the comments section below and the questions we’ll live in today with my special guest, Melissa Dinwiddie on this edition of Tracking Wonder Conversations

Melissa Dinwiddie is a big burst of creative cheer. A multi-passionate, she’s a ukelele diva, jazz singer, artist, creativity instigator, and all-around smart coach who helps people live bigger, bolder creative lives. She has a belt full of cool, custom tools that many of you will find helpful on your quest to craft your dream life.

But her life wasn’t always so big and bold. We talk aboutmelissa_laughingdiva_nimble_papercut-e1368325067576

  • how going bust and other factors help you live the life you want (02:22)
  • the difference between a “successful” creative life to having the creative life you really want (05:26)
  • how serendipity and seeing the model of others can help you create the life you want (08:49)
  • how to “cook” all your passions and projects at the same time (or not) (11:56)
  • how to bring more play into creating your dream life (17:05)
  • how Melissa’s new academy takes people from wishing “Maybe some day” to acting on making that life happen now (22:24)
  • why women-only in her new academy (26:00)
  • the one thing to do to start creating the life you really want (27:24)

Learn more about dreaming bigger, being bolder, and creating the life you really want at Your Big, Bold, Creative Life Academy. Enrollment closes soon + Melissa is offering a special free workshop.

I’m honored to be a guest expert in the Academy on “the lie about not having enough time.”

Dream Bigger, Reach Higher, and Create the Life You REALLY Want, in Your Big, Bold, Creative Life Academy

Note: I am also a partner with the YBBCL Academy. That means if you register through our link, I receive a small bonus, thank you. You know, though, I won’t refer you to anyone unless I believe her or his work is substantial and useful.

Skype video & audio quality still has much to be desired, but our Tracking Wonder videographer did his best to edit this piece for your enhanced experience. I may appear in Warhol-ish technicolor, and if my face morphs into an alien, may it be a close encounter.


Learn more about Melissa’s work in Living a Creative Life, here.

Dream Bigger, Reach Higher, and Create the Life You REALLY Want, in Your Big, Bold, Creative Life Academy


How, if at all, do you bring play into creating the life you want? How important is play to your ability to thrive, not just survive? Offer your views, stories, and insights in the comments box below.

Thanks for running with me,


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  1. Errol: I’m here again! ^_^ I find play vitally important. I need it to wind down, I need it to recharge, I need it to give me inspiration and ideas! In fact, my whole creative ‘career’ is because of play.

    Usually, when I chat with people, I don’t ask them what their job is. I ask them what they like to do for fun. One time, I met someone who did nothing but work. And… he wasn’t that happy of an individual. Poor guy…