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No easy promises to write a brave new story


“Write your novel in 60 days.” “Write from your passion, and the money will follow.” “Get a blueprint for your best-seller.”

Do those promises make you cringe? Their simplistic nature is actually destructive. Easy promises are destructive in two key ways.

Easy promises to write a book actually can destroy your self-confidence. That seems counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? An easy promise to write your book destroys your self-confidence when, in fact, you don’t measure up to the easy promise purported. You start second-guessing yourself. Why can’t you write a novel in 60 days? Something must be wrong with you.

Easy promises to write a book also destroy the credibility of authorship and of the very genre being described. Can you imagine a webinar announcing, “Become a master carpenter in 60 days.” or “Get a blueprint for performing surgery.”

Yet here’s where I might contradict myself. I do offer a webinar called Brave New Author: 4 Keys to Write a Brave New Story for anyone stuck in writing a book. That might sound simplistic, but that’s not my intention.

Instead, I do have (at least) 4 keys to share that have helped author after author advance, complete, craft, sell, and ship their books.

It would be presumptuous to name myself a “Book Whisperer,” but that is what multi-book author Laraine Herring affectionately tagged me in last year’s author’s mentorship program. I’ll take the tag.

In fact, Laraine wrote me recently to say she has sold her latest book to Shambhala Press, and she attributes her relatively “easeful” sell to the frameworks and tools I’m going to share on this Wednesday’s webinar. (Congrats, Laraine!)

When it comes to authoring a book or eBook, I don’t have all of the answers.

You know I don’t make easy promises, and you know I don’t do fluff well. I do promise real value.

These keys have worked for New York Times best-selling authors and first-timers, people with Master’s of Fine Arts degrees and newbies, art critics and homesteaders, radio show producers and teachers, VPs and CEOs, novelists and memoirists.

You’ll also receive a sneak peek into the live author’s intensive event I’m hosting this October. Here’s a peek from the point of view of participants – true heroes, in my book – at last year’s event.

Here are a few other accounts that make the promises for me:

I really love the twists you put on the various traditional approaches to story, and I found the breakdown of the story structure for thought leaders to be especially helpful.
– Laraine Herring, author of Writing with the Breath and The Writing Warriorlaraineherring.com

I am celebrating a huge accomplishment which is I finally KNOW what my book is about. After several years of hemming and hawing about what was it exactly I was going to write, I am clear now about the story I must tell.
– Lila Danielle, writer and dancer

I’m actually DOING something about this project. I started writing about a year ago and in 1 month’s time, I am light years ahead of where I was a year agoI actually feel like I will complete this project and write a freaking book! Can’t believe it or how good it feels to write that!
– Barb Suarez, Certified Childbirth Educator and thought leader writer

I’ve seen success after success, and I’m eager to share these keys with more writers in a free webinar. You won’t hear here tired stuff like, “Write what you love!” or “Write what you know!” or “Make an outline!”

We’ll cut to the core of what works and what truly causes break-throughs (I do not use that word carelessly.).

Brave New Author
4 Keys to Write Your Brave New Book

A Free Webinar For Anyone Stuck in Writing a Book
with Jeffrey Davis

Wednesday, June 11, 2014
Noon-1:30 PM EST

Take one of the limited spots now.

You’ll come away with

  • a highly effective model to help you articulate your book’s essential premise
  • substantial exercises to help you shape your creative mess into an engaging book
  • guidance in working with instead of against your fears
  • an effective mindset for how to get your book funded and published
  • an insider’s look at a powerful live event coming this fall

And you will also receive the opportunity to apply for one of only 5 free Discovery Sessions with me.

Listen, there are plenty of books out there and plenty of frustrated writers and authors out there. Let’s contribute real value to the book world and eBook world. Let’s put your brave new book, your brave new story into the hands and hearts of people who need it.

Be brave.

Be heard.

Stand up and shape the book and Story you must tell.

Take one of the remaining spots now.

If there’s someone you care about who could benefit from this webinar, consider sharing this link with them: https://trackingwonder.com/events/brave-new-author-webinar/

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