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Open & Nourish Your Mystery Box – Only 5 Spots Left

When I was a tow-headed boy, The Box in the Woods down the road kept my secrets. In the middle of The Woods towered a maple, an “X” carved with a butter knife in its bark. With no other kids in sight, I’d scatter the leaf shards, dig a few inches of dirt with the trowel, and pull out The Box, one of my grandfather’s cigar boxes, to finger the bounty.

A rock shaped like a heart I’d found near a stream. My favorite three marbles – an oxblood, a Devil’s Eye, and a Cat’s Eye. A foot of rope. A small hammer. Nails. A small rodent skull. A picture of brown-eyed Robin.

They were the makings of magic and mystery.

Creator of Lost and Fringe J.J. Abrams says that the mystery box represents “infinite possibility, hope, and potential.” One of Hollywood’s most sought-after writers and directors, Abrams says mystery is the catalyst for imagination. He’s right.

We each have our own Mystery Box.   And this March you have a limited chance to open and nourish it with me and a crew of other amazing creatives.

5 spots left for the Open & Nourish Your Mystery Box Retreat for Creatives at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House in Taos, New Mexico. March 11-16, 2012.

Scroll to the bottom and take your spot now. 


This retreat, our 7th one, will be more surprising, more generative of rich material and potential creative collaboration than ever.

This retreat is where every year I stretch myself out of my comfort zone. It’s where I test out and explore with a wild pack of creatives what’s gained momentum in my creative work as a writer, a teacher, and a creativity consultant & mentor. It’s where I welcome the spring season of creative cycles.

This retreat is where I share it all and then get out of the way.

Only 17 spots total, which means we keep it intimate but dynamic, un-crowded but full.

 But we only have 5 spots left. Scroll to the bottom to secure your spot.


  • Are you a writer, creative, or creative enterpriser ready to immerse your best in your own creative zone?
  • Are you curious how to use layers of concealment and revelation for your writing (novels, memoir), enterprise building (web bios, business stories), and engagement with audiences, tribes, customers, and clients?
  • Are you hungry to test out for yourself numerous organic tools to help you fall in love with your mind & creative body again so you can open and nourish your Mystery Box “at will”?
  • Are you curious about how the latest psychology and neuro-psychology of creativity can help you make effective choices for your journey back at home?

If so, then I want to meet you and work with you in Taos this March. Scroll to the bottom to take one of the 5 remaining spots today.

Still not convinced and want to see “more” activities listed? Visit the website page.


I know. You don’t want to drop this money and devote this time only to show up among a bunch of people you don’t connect with. Here’s who shows up: Down-to-earth people who want to get honest with their creative process. Professional creatives who need a sweet kick in the cushy tushy or space and tools to explore “the next great thing.” People who haven’t opened their Mystery Box in years but are curious and willing.  People who want to be inspired by and inspire other creatives.

Know this: Within the first ten minutes of our first dinner together, we’re at the same table. Inevitably, everyone who shows up wants sustained focus and lots of structured and unstructured time to work on a project – a book, a new enterprise, a small biz idea, stories, poetry, photography, crafting.  People keep coming back because of the fuel, self-recognition, and momentum they gain here. Although many of us are writers, this retreat holds ample space for cross-pollination to happen among writers, photographers, enterprisers & solo-preneurs, physicians, dancers, crafts persons, and other creatives.

Still not sure? Drop us an email or call 845.679.9441, and I or my assistant can answer your questions and doubts.


ARRIVAL: Plan to arrive at Mabel’s on Sunday, March 11 by 4:30 pm so you can join us, relaxed, for dinner at 5:30 pm. Then we’ll jump in with our first guided creative immersion experience.

Most full days follow a rhythm like this with some variations:

7-745 a          – optional smooth yoga flow
8-9 a              – delicious, full breakfast
930-11 a        – guided creative immersion experience
11a-1230 p   – supported immersion or rap
1230-230 p  – lunch and free time
230-400 p    – your choice of immersion, collaborative creation session, or free time
400-530 p    – Share-Alouds and/or rap

Creatives engage in a "Human Camera" exercise for serendipity.

530-730 p    – Dinner on own
730-845 p    – optional meditation and evening reflections

In other words, ample opportunities to engage, move, retreat, immerse, collaborate, and be surprised over and over again by who you are and what you can create.

DEPARTURE: The last day includes an optional dawn time creative immersion experience, breakfast, and then Closing Words. We’ll finish by 10:30 am.


THE MABEL DODGE LUHAN HOUSE is the place in Taos to immerse in your creative projects and enterprises. A renegade New York socialite, Mabel Dodge left behind city comforts to carve her creative path on the Taos arroyos. She and her lover Tony built the charming “adobe farmhouse” that we rent for your retreat. Some of you will sleep in rooms where Georgia O’Keeffe, D. H. Lawrence, Ansel Adams, and other creative luminaries rested their spirits.



Easy. Fly into Albuquerque Airport, rent a car or take a shuttle directly to the Mabel Dodge Luhan House in Taos, or drive. We will send detailed information that will make your travel a cinch. Upon request, we also can try to hook up travelers for shared rental cars. However, do be sure you arrive before 5 pm on March 11 and plan to leave no earlier than 11:00 am on March 16.


One-time payment of $1690.00  (save $105)
Fee includes dinner the first night, delicious catered breakfast and lunch the next four days, and breakfast the last morning; tasteful double lodging – some with working fireplaces; all tuition; and craft materials & “journey goodies.” Gluten-free and vegan diets are easily (and deliciously) accommodated.

3 payments of $595 by October 17, November 15, and December 31
(That’s only four more days to secure your spot with your first payment!)

Add $200 for one of the limited single rooms in Juniper House.
Add $330 for one of the limited single rooms in the Main House.

Follow the easy steps below, or call us at 845-679-9441, and we can walk you through the simple online registration process (Sorry, we cannot take credit card information over the phone).

Download the Registration Form (PDF)

By Mail
Please print, fill out, and mail the registration form along with a check for the appropriate amount made payable to
Center to Page, LLC at 156 Upper Whitfield Rd, Accord, NY 12404.

Online (credit card or check)
Please fill out and mail the registration form, and use the PayPal system below.
Note: Please be sure to add 3% to your PayPal payment.



Good question. I don’t know your circumstances, but I suggest you check in. Maybe you cannot afford any longer NOT to join us. Treat your fee as an investment in what matters most – the ultimate responsibility to your creative self and to the tribes you delight, serve, and surprise. And I take that investment seriously. I won’t waste your time or money.

Please know that a good half of your fee goes to the Mabel Dodge Luhan House for their outstanding food, facilities, and accommodations. And given that you receive tactics, strategies, experiences, and knowledge that you just cannot get anywhere else, the $700 or $800 “tuition” you pay for around 36 hours of creative guidance is, well, a steal. That rate would buy you about 4-5 hours with me privately. By the way, any assistant positions & scholarships go first to members of THE YOGA AS MUSE FACILITATORS TRIBE– but it doesn’t hurt to ask!


That boy with the Box still comes out to play almost every day. I let him. But here’s the secret I’m no longer keeping: This retreat is for grown-ups. Your tribes, your relations, your clients need the mystery and delightful surprise of self-recognition that your art & artful enterprises can awaken. Open the mystery box and nourish for your best self and for them.

See you in the woods (and on the arroyo!),


8 4 5 . 6 7 9 . 9 4 4 1                                   info [at] trackingwonder [dot] com

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