The Tracking Wonder Team

Creative, curious adventurers
in pursuit of collaboration,
deep connection, and freedom

Our Team is a cohesive, collaborative group of renegades from all over the US and Canada. We come from different backgrounds and possess diverse personality types, but one mission unites us: Our desire to do business as unusual and to equip professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, and organizations with signature ideas to do the same.

Our Code of Wonder

We aspire for our products, services, and programs to help our customers captivate & elevate their audiences with meaningful work while finessing their own life of meaning & making.

We aspire to create products, services, and programs that are at once meaningful, elegant, and functional. We will scrutinize the quality of everything we do and that we present to meet these standards.

We aspire to create business systems that make everyone’s lives simpler by being mindful, precise, efficient, and relevant. We aim to scrutinize any technology or, for that matter, any personal habit inconsistent with this aspiration.

We believe that wonder – and its cousins of delight, openness, and surprise – should be part and parcel of a work life of making.

| Jeffrey Davis

Branding Consultant, Chief Wonder Tracker, Author, & Big-Picture Map Maker

Young Genius Traits:

Quietly Rebellious, Imaginative, Caring

Everything he does – from building a thriving business to writing books, poems, and essays to consulting with creatives, professionals, entrepreneur, and organizations, to designing learning expeditions to speaking engagements to guiding his two little girls’ growth – are part and parcel of the same quest for integrity, meaning, and making.

Jeffrey leads his team of creative renegades at Tracking Wonder with inspiration and compassion, challenging them to look at the world and their work differently. He spends the rest of his time writing books, homesteading in the Hudson Valley of New York, and dancing in the kitchen with his wife and two daughters.

Secret weapons: 88% artisanal dark chocolate, white tea, creative juice tea, mindfulness & yoga, Mind Rooms, imagination, wonder.

| Erin Haworth

Systems Shark & Jeffrey’s Right-Hand Woman

Young Genius Traits:

Decisive, Life-long Learner, Barefoot

Erin’s main role at Tracking Wonder: sweat the small stuff. Erin keeps an eye on all aspects of TW and keeps everyone on track. As Jeffrey’s Right-Hand Woman, she keeps TW’s Chief Tracker organized and in-the-know. As Systems Shark, Erin researches, creates, implements, and maintains the daily business systems and creative solutions that keep Tracking Wonder running smoothly. Part of that includes building and overseeing the best TW team possible! In her unofficial role as Client Delight Officer, Erin ensures that projects are running on time and smoothly and that client happiness is at the forefront of what we do.

When she’s not running in the Tracking Wonder world, she can often be found enjoying her Southern front porch with her daughter, her husband, and their pup in Nashville, Tennessee.

| Britt Bravo

Branding Consultant, Online Content Midwife, & Vision Translator

Young Genius Traits:

Creative, Storyteller, Performer

Britt brings her quiet excellence and confidence to the Tracking Wonder team as a Branding Consultant, Online Content Midwife, and Vision Translator. She guides clients from vision to sustainable manifestation on their Brand Story and online presence. Her eye for detail creates clarity out of confusion and brings practicality to idealism. For over ten years, she has helped writers, healers, artists, creative entrepreneurs and nonprofits communicate their mission. Her local paper named her the “best podcaster and blogger most dedicated to social change.”

Britt holds an MA in Creation Spirituality and is a certified Sivananda yoga instructor.

She lives in the Bay Area with her husband and their cat, who thinks she is a dog. She loves to take long walks, saturate the color in her Instagram photos, and read cozy mysteries.

| Laine Nickl

Brand Stylist & Web Strategist

Young Genius Traits:

Creative, Thoughtful, Explorer

Laine doesn’t just make things look pretty. As Tracking Wonder’s Branding Stylist & Designer, she works closely with clients to understand their business goals and audience to craft unique visual brands and deliver creative solutions that are engaging, effective, and on-brand. Her cutting-edge strategy, imaginative ideas, and creative insight will show you how to get where you are going – usually taking the road less traveled.

When not at her desk (or a local coffee shop) in Boulder, Colorado, you can usually find Laine outside—enjoying nature, exploring new places, and climbing mountains with her pup.

| Dom John

Digital Overlord & Video Storyteller

Young Genius Traits:

Immersive, Adventurous, Imaginative

Our Digital Overlord and Video Storyteller Dom is a marvel with the camera and with website engineering. As part of our Signature Online Presence Team, Dom works his magic behind the scenes to assure each client’s brand-aligned site is fully functional on all platforms, is secure, and is optimized to draw the right traffic. Dom has an intuitive, well-trained mind that “gets” our clients’ work plus a skilled hand that executes the magic. He also is the video genius behind Tracking Wonder’s videos

When not developing websites for Tracking Wonder clients, Dom is writing and performing his music, creating crazy-cool pixel art, and enjoying nature.

| CJ Atkinson

Copy Writer & Content Librarian

Young Genius Traits:

Mischievous, creative, compassionate

CJ is the happy word nerd of Tracking Wonder, writing and curating TW’s blog posts, guest posts, and articles.

A London based poet, academic, and trans activist, CJ is 3 parts curiosity, 2 parts caffeine, and 5 parts pure dog appreciation. Everything they do is underpinned by the idea that storytelling can save the world, and that nobody should neglect the Oxford comma.

| Michelle Mangen

Money Maestro & Business Ecologist

Young Genius Traits:

Curious, Adventurous, Bookworm

Michelle assures our numbers are clean and on-track and that we’re doing our best to eliminate waste and operate sustainably. She keeps an eye and ear out for digital solutions, especially those that automate systems or processes. Her consistency and routines help to give TW structure.

Though her home base in is Portland, she can regularly be found traveling the United States. She is a self-professed Bookworm, Horse Lover, and iTunes Addict.

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