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Prioritize Possibility in 2015 (webinar w/ Jeffrey Davis)

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Many moons ago, I let one project after another drive me.

You know the impulse. You or your team can chase after one project after another.  An Etsy shop. A new tool or product. A new book. A new studio. A new podcast show. A new interview series. A new workshop.

But living in Project Land – taken by one project’s whim versus another – is not sustainable over the long-term for most business artists.

The problem: Which project to prioritize? Which project is your priority now and which one later and which one never? Which project in which sequence?

At least one key difference exists between those creatives and business artists who flounder and those who flourish.

It’s not coming up with lots of cool ideas. It’s their ability to learn to discern.

I’ve since spent many moons studying the art of discernment. Discernment is the ability to say, “This, not that. This, not that.”

“This project serves my path as a business artist now. This one might serve it later. This one, maybe never (as great of an idea as it seems).” 

This vein, not that.

Limited Advice for Prioritizing

I’ve reviewed old school and new school advice offered about prioritizing. It usually falls into one of two extremes.

First, the Analysis Action Camp: Break down the pros and cons. Advance forward.

Second, the Authenticity Gut Camp: Trust your intuition. Feel your way.

I’ve zoomed in on the art of discernment. Here’s what I have found in my experience, research assimilation, and consulting: By themselves, both camps are incomplete. Neither of them alone address how we creatures with nuanced brains make optimal, aware decisions.

What if you could combine quick emotional intelligence with rational thinking to decide within minutes which project to prioritize over the other? 

I want to share with you my and Tracking Wonder’s signature method for prioritizing possibility. 

Prioritizing Your Best 2015

A Free BASS Webinar & Consulting Conversation

I am offering a dynamic experience. It’s designed to help you business artists prioritize what will offer the greatest potential for your Q1 in 2015. I’ll pop on video and offer an easy-to-follow slide deck so you can list your project ideas and follow along.

You’ll connect, too, with a mounting group of business artists like you committed to doing business as unusual in 2015. To doing business as art.

Hundreds of them have joined #Quest2015 this month, and many of them will be on this call.

These are MFAs and MBAs, poets and executives, consultants and authors, entrepreneurs and designers, teachers and technicians – all with a common cause to do business as unusual in 2015.

Sound like you?

register-todayBut the main thing:

You come away with a method to train your mind to discern for your best 2015. You will have clear insight into what to prioritize by the webinar’s end.

Here are a few highlights:

  • an introduction to the psychology of discernment
  • an interactive experience that will help you prioritize your 2015 ideas & projects
  • concrete case studies and examples
  • the opportunity to ask me a burning related question
  • get connected and get inspired to shape your best 2015 to do business as unusual

Whether you are a thought leader, creative entrepreneur, solo-preneur, service provider, writer, artist, or someone simply curious about how you can train your mind to discern and prioritize within minutes, don’t miss this webinar.

How Much Does it Cost?

Your time and attention. I know I could and should charge for this webinar. My rates start at $599 for a one-off session, and my team sessions in which I share this strategy are notably higher.

And I am already giving away lots of time and resources at #Quest2015.

So why not charge and model to you to charge what you’re worth?

Two reasons:

1. I do want you to buy the 7-Minute Prioritizer: The Art of Discernment.

The7MinutePrioritizer_cvrThink about how much time you waste making decisions, not making decisions, and making poor decisions. Think about how much that costs you. Then think if $9.99 is a killer investment. That’s fair, right?

2. I genuinely want as many people as possible to combine forces to make 2015 extraordinary for all of us.

Why? Because I am still a wide-eyed skeptic – a guy who has his nose in psychology & science, his eyes on the horizon, his feet in the woods, his ear to the ground, his mind perpetually being cracked open to possibility. It’s possible. So much is.

What Can You Do For Me?

1. Show up.

2. Share: I’m prioritizing possibility in 2015. Join me! #Quest2015 (Click to Tweet. Thanks!)

3. Imagine your best work this coming year. Then, do it. Together.


Thanks for running with me,


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