Prioritize projects with science of creativity tool

We business artists are blessed and cursed with a generative mind – the ability to come up with lots of ideas.

The singular problem is how to decide which idea to pursue and when. 

Sunni Brown, named one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business, nailed the problem this way: “Discerning which opportunities to pursue has been a bogeyman in my creative work for years. I just couldn’t settle on the criteria for choosing.”

I get it. About four years ago, a one-year-old girl in tow, business growing, and creative projects brewing, I faced this hard fact one morning: I could not do everything I wanted to do. Now. This year.  And this, too: Some ideas and projects simply needed to slide down the drain with my shaving cream. Was I forsaking my freedom by not doing whatever I wanted whenever I wanted? Maybe there could be freedom in shaving off the want-to-do’s and maybe there could be freedom in discerning what to advance and when.

Maybe there could be freedom in shaping a new mindset. This, not that. This pre-sleep habit, not that. This form of exercise, not that. This food, not that. This project, not that.  This, not that – that is the art of discernment. For those of you who lean a little Buddha, the wise guy said that next to intention, discernment is most important to any practice. And for your business artistry, it’s crucial. 

Many people I have worked with prioritize projects according to whim and urgency. What a battle that is.

Whim: “I like this idea! This excites me! Let’s take off down this route! Whee!” Urgency: “OMG! I have to get this done yesterday! We can’t veer! We must go full steam ahead!”

Operating on Whim and Urgency is like letting two erratic siblings fight to steer your ship.

That’s an inner team headed for disaster. Shipwreck.

What’s the option? The Tracking Wonder elves and I have been toiling on a tool to help you prioritize and finesse your own art of discernment.

The 7-Minute Prioritizer gives you six indicators plus a useful method for you to change the way your mind makes decisions.

Sunni has been using it. Her response:

“When I saw Jeffrey’s 7-Minute Prioritizer, a long-standing obstacle dissolved in a moment. Not only are the categories for choice deeply resonant with an open-hearted and creative life, but the visual-thinking format is both reflective and grounding. The Prioritizer has been an absolute game-changer.”

 Anxiety dissipates. Whim and Urgency calm down and realize they’re vital parts of the crew, but not the co-captains.

7-Day Offer for the 7-Minute Prioritizer + the Mind Rooms Guide for Time-Sculpting

Next to prioritizing, the greatest obstacle we hear among our Tracking Wonder Pack is Time. So, we wanted to give you a special introductory offer to assure you start shaping time now to envision your best next year.

For 7 days we’re giving you the 7-Minute Prioritizer + the Mind Rooms Guide for $19.99, which is like getting the Prioritizer for free.

Check it out, and start seeding next year’s vision now. See the Horizon and imagine the Outcome – one of the Prioritizer’s six indicators for discernment. Don’t stay attached to the outcome but also refrain from abdicating your part in shaping it. 

Otherwise, Whim will steer wherever he wants except when Urgency grabs the wheel.

And we know where that inner civil war leads.

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