Shape time to write.

In Search of Lost Time by bogenfreud, Flickr

What if you could relate to time like art to sculpt instead of as a force to curse?

I’ll make this quick because I know your clock time is finite.

Many of my clients have learned to shape time to create what matters – like books.

They are executives, business artists, service providers, scholars, creatives, and writers who want to author books – their first, their fifth, their twentieth (seriously).

They are disciplined, accomplished, hard-working, and still they’re challenged to keep momentum with their book project.

Problem: Life circumstances are in perpetual flux. The Greeks had a name for the force that causes computer crashes, unexpected illnesses, broken ankles, and economic swings – Eris, the goddess of Chaos. Writer William Styron called it the “the fleas of life” – what he called every writer’s greatest obstacle. What to do? 

My clients have learned this: If you have no method for shaping time, Eris and the Fleas have their way with you, and you’re at their mercy, forever reacting instead of shaping.

But when you do have a flexible method to shape time to create, then you are far more likely to be responsive, resilient, and compassionately vigilant with writing your book – even in the face of flux.

Here’s the crux of the matter:

Clock time is finite, but the passage of time is psychological & malleable.

Our experience of time’s passage partners with how we direct our attention.

I had read William James’s articulations of psychological time when in grad school, but I articulated this simple fact to myself several years ago when my first little girl was born. I realized then that I had to change how my mind relates to time if I were to continue tracking wonder while accomplishing the many projects in my creative queue.

That’s when I designed and invented The Mind Rooms Method – a method to bypass overwhelm, shape time, and thrive in creative flow.

It’s not a panacea, but when person after person tells me he or she “swears by the Mind Rooms Method,” that they’re astonished by how artful and intentional they are with how their days flow, I know they are not exaggerating.

If you’re ready to stop cursing time and start shaping it to create and finish a book that matters, then don’t waste another minute.

You can buy the Mind Rooms Guide here.

Regardless, may your day flow artfully and intentionally.

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