Special Webinar Series & Bonus Webinar for Creatives & Entrepreneurs

Stoke Your Creative Momentum
in Good Times & Bad

A Webinar Series
for Creatives & Entrepreneurs

I’m offering a mini-course in direct response to what some of you have told me you need. Last week, I offered lectures on creativity to over 200 people at a special center in the Bahamas and led a five-day course on embodied creativity.

Those experiences leave me buzzing with excitement to share with you what I’ve learned while designing successful courses and trainings, writing books, coaching others to success, and building my complementary enterprises amidst two decades of perennial change (and you don’t have to travel to the Bahamas to receive it).

This mini-course is for those of you not only who need to get in creative flow (We’ll address that next week!) but for those of you who also need to stoke creative momentum especially when the lightning bolt hits the house, when disease or natural aging hits the body and mind, when the economy hits your job.

It can feel frustrating for you as an artist, enterpriser, teacher, writer, or leader when you’re right in the middle of your own creative party, and emergencies arrive like unbidden party crashers.

Does it really have to be so hard to keep momentum? Does it have to feel stuck-ish and bleak and full of the “whatever-happened-to-the-joy-of-creating-and-enterprising?” blues all of the time?

I know those feelings and also have thrived, survived, and sometimes dived (into doubt) for over 20 years. I’ve also worked with numerous creatives and enterprisers when suddenly they’ve discovered they have cancer or an ailing parent. Marriages and partnerships and careers have dissolved right in the middle of a big project.

But it’s when circumstances challenge your sunniest disposition that you really know what works to stoke and sustain your best creative efforts month after month, year after year.

And it’s those tools and systems I’m eager to share with you in a compact series.

You’ll come away not only with a creative’s tool belt that runneth over. You’ll also come away with a plan and system to implement significant changes to your work flow and your mindset for the long haul.

  • If you currently feel a bit (or a lot) in flux and are having difficulty launching or keeping up with a project, you’ll probably love this series.
  • If you have so many roles & obligations that often squish out any time for the juicy projects that matter most to you, you’ll probably love this series.
  • If everything is going swimmingly for you right now, but you’re wise enough to know that life tosses whirlpools your way, you’ll probably be glad you participated in this series when the time comes.

We’ll create a virtual Hut where we can share our situations and questions. But we’ll also learn workable and inspiring ways to shift our mindset, take pleasurable repeatable actions, and sculpt micro-work flow systems so we can thrive even amidst hardships consistently and deeply.

As you already know, I’m steeped in this subject every day as I play my best self’s various roles with creative flexibility (I hope) –

> Poet, fiction writer, author

> Consultant, coach, speaker, editor, & trainer

> Enterprise-builder

> Papa, lover-partner, son, friend

> Spiritual aspirant

Here’s the low-down:

  • You can participate in 4 75-minute live webinar sessions (an energizing mix of presentation & discussion).
  • You can access the recorded sessions if you cannot attend live on Feb. 20, 23, 27, and Mar 1 @ 1-2:15 pm EST/10-11:15 PST.
  • We’ll discuss concrete tools, strategies, and micro-systems to sustain your creative momentum in good times and bad.
  • We’ll talk about your specific challenges and how to adapt accordingly.
  • We’ll learn a lot from each other.

Topics we’ll embrace include

  • Purpose & Time-Sculpting – how to imbue action with meaning and how to sculpt hours, days, months, and seasons
  • Fire – how to build vitality, persistence, and key creative relationships
  • Focus – how to cultivate creative mindfulness and switch from distraction to focus in the short-term and long-term
  • Ideation – how to dive into deep imagination and cultivate Mindwanderness when you need it

All for $128.

And here’s a BONUS: Sign up for the Creative Momentum Series by February 9, and you can attend absolutely free the Creative Flow Webinar I’m leading on February 9 for Tiferet Journal (a $25 savings).

You don’t have to do anything extra. We’ll sign you up automatically for the bonus, and you’ll receive information and a reminder about this energizing introductory webinar.
(Note: The Creative Flow webinar specifically discusses Yoga As Muse. Our Creative Momentum series, however, will reach way beyond – but also address – these Yoga As Muse tools. So, you don’t have to be interested in yoga at all to benefit from the Creative Momentum series.)

Click on the button below, follow the simple steps, and we’ll be on our way to crafting a very different kind of year together – regardless of what little and big surprises life tosses in our path.

Webinar Series for Creatives & Entrepreneurs
$128 + bonus Creative Flow webinar if registered by February 9

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Creative Momentum is bar none my favorite topic these days, so I’m sort of brimming with enthusiasm to get rolling with you.

See you in the woods,

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