The Future of Publishing Looks…

I have returned from the Digital Book World Conference ever more curious about the future state of publishing.

This morning, Jeremy Greenfield, Forbes columnist and one of the generous-minded founders, wrote this:

Publishers are grappling with the possibility that bookstores might not exist in the future; that some authors have a very low opinion of them; that agents are pushing them for more advantageous contract terms for their clients; that the landscape of book discovery is changing; and much more.

Yet, publishers are optimistic about the future. If the mood at the Digital Book World Conference + Expo that concluded yesterday is any indication, they’re downright upbeat. Most of the 1,300+ publishing executives, agents, technologists, librarians and others who attended stayed until the final bell at 5:00 P.M. yesterday, buzzing and sharing ideas.  

 Indeed, a few quick trends & take-aways I came away with that I will elaborate on throughout 2013 as I gather more stories, ideas, and data: 
  • Regardless of medium or platform size, you need to write a great book. Readers deserve it.
  • Inauthentic marketing doesn’t work.
  • “One million Twitter followers will not guarantee your book will sell well.”
  • Hybrid authors (traditional + self) make $11,000 more a year than self-published authors.
  • Ebooks account for 23% of the total books being published by September 2012 versus 2% in 2009.
  • Interactive ebooks are one new trend.
In the first BOOK DIAMOND webinar, I casually predicted that there would be the equivalent of hologram books in the near-future. Well, I saw and experienced the first augmented reality book that combined the virtual with the physical. More to come on the digital wonderland.

Books. Are. Not. Dead.

Create one that matters. Create one that engages you and that enchants your fans. Create one that provokes their mind, opens their heart, changes their life.
I’m lining up a series of surprises and guest interviews this year all geared to help you create that kind of book or ebook.
If you want the first round of five articles, sign up for our Your Captivating Book Early Notification List. You’ll also get a sneak peak at a one-of-a-kind mentorship program for a select number of authors this year (Note: This is not an info-dump mega-program with no guide.).
It’s a truly exciting time to be an author.
What have been your experiences with self-publishing or/and digital publishing? What predictions for publishing do you have?
 Thanks for running with me,
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