Want to Make Your eBook Interactive?

Hyperlink used to be big news. Ten, fifteen years ago, a few writers speculated about how html and hyperlink might change the way we read fiction. The ideas around hyperlink stories seemed too far ahead of their time, disruptive digital fantasies.

Enter the interactive eBook. Imagine your book including video, audio, and a slew of “Garden of Forking Paths” alternatives for your readers.

Aptara has made helpful info-graphic below so you can see what steps to take and who and what is involved to make your interactive digital book happen.

Aptara reps will be at the Digital Book World Conference this week in New York City, where I’ll be, too.

Of course, before you get caught up in all the shiny objects, create a book, digital or paper, that matters. Otherwise, you might create a costly, confusing digital mess.


Behind the Scenes of an Interactive eBook

Aptara – Transforming Content into Knowledge

Create a Book That Matters, Digital or Paper

Here are two options to keep up on how to create a book that matters in the 21st century:

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2. Sign up for the YOUR CAPTIVATING BOOK Mentorship Program’s early notification list, and receive a series of quick insights, take-aways, and lessons for creating a book that matters.

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