The Yoga As Muse Tribe REVERB 11 Annual Reflection Project

 Are you begging for a creative structure to take stock of your year’s bounty? Something meaningful that will lift out of the holiday music and consumer frenzy? Something that will help you go into winter dream time, reflect, and prepare for the light come January?

Last December Gwen Bell and her cohorts offered just that: a 31-day way for bloggers to reflect upon the year. She rounded up 31 authors – including Scott Belsky, Patti Digh, and myself – and asked us each to craft one prompt for reflection. Then, each day, the Reverb bloggers would receive a surprise prompt from one of the authors.

This year, Gwen, once tagged the diva of social media, has taken a semi-retreat into her virtual forest and to Mexico. She left behind a note of her whereabouts and intentions – and also left instructions for bloggers to host their own Reverb11 this year.

So, Michelle Fajkus, a new member of the YOGA AS MUSE TRIBE (aka the YAM TRIBE, not to be mistaken for the Sweet Potato Tribe) and builder of the Yoga Freedom empire, has put together an inspiring, thoughtful YAM TRIBE Reverb 11 project.

Each day in December – starting today – she’ll post a resonant, reverberating word. With that word will be a prompt, a question to prompt you to reflect upon and write about some facet of your 2011. Sneak peak clue: Many words resonate with creativity and meaning. And Michelle’s bonus: You get the word in English and sometimes in Spanish (as she’s bi-lingual and currently thriving in Guatemala) and in Sanskrit. A tri-tongued Reverb 11. A number of us from the TRIBE have contributed prompts.

You can post in the comments section (no word or format limit) at Yoga Freedom, or you can post on your own blog. If you post on your own blog, I’d love it if you’d use these buttons to show your YAM-thusiasm.

Here’s today’s prompt:
December 1 – Palabra (Word)

Encapsulate your 2011 in one word. Why that word? What would you like your word to be for 2012? Why?

Enjoy. And see you in the woods,


Psst! We’ve launched the full details page for the 2012 YOGA AS MUSE TRIBE Facilitator Training today. We haven’t even made an official announcement yet.  Stay tuned. -jbd

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