Three Highlights, 11 November 2010

Since my hard-working, mind-numbing twenties, I’ve played a game with myself on many evenings. It’s called “Three Highlights.” It’s a way to test that I’m paying attention, that my eyes and ears remain open, that my days have ample space.

The gist is this: At day’s end, name three highlights from your day.
The rules: Keep it sensory. Keep it specific. Peg a moment. Keep it real.

I’ll periodically post mine and encourage you to do likewise.

Here’s today’s:
1. Dahlia’s crack of a smile when she heard the first beats of Bach’s first cello suite early this morning.
2. A new client saying – despite our phone conversation getting cut off twice – this journey is just what she needs and that it’s all about movement (the physical and the mental).
3. The Old Spice face-slapping briskness of this deep autumn morning air that makes more and more official winter’s soon arrival.

What were your highlights?

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  1. Following your suggestion, my entire family has taken to answering this question aloud at dinner time. We go around the table, and each member of the family names three personal highlights of the day. Our five-year-old loves this game, and it helps keep her at the table.

  2. Michael: That’s a great idea. Hillary and I play the game frequently – and I have had just this fantasy of playing it with my little girl when she is old enough. I’m thrilled to hear your little one loves the game and that it holds her attention.