Three Highlights, 12 November 2010

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1. A ten-point buck dashing across the road a few yards in front of my car and gamboling through a corn field. 2. The way my daughter looked up at me in glee as we walked around the pond. 3. Finishing a draft of a short piece on poetry & praise.

What were your three highlights? Post here.

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  • Twilight Keeper

    Three Highlights 14 November 2010

    1. Attending a Kirtan in my small town that’s been going on weekly for the past fifteen years, that I had no idea about. 2. Making mashed potato ghosts with my daughter and her friends. 3. Finding a really good book on spirituality and money, “It’s not about the money”.

  • Jeffrey

    Thanks for visiting the Hut and giving us a glimpse into your day. Making mashed potato ghosts with your daughter and friends, no less – fun & memorable.

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