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Every December, Tracking Wonder gathers a dynamic group of individuals for a free online program we call Quest: 12 days of collective envisioning with 12 inspiring influencers, providing instigations and insights for those on a quest to do business as unusual in the new year. Together, we seek meaning, integrity, and impact in life and career while remembering that Do It Together beats Do It Yourself.

The Quest community includes hundreds of bold Business Artists: writers, teachers, artists, healers, entrepreneurs, and more. Each one has a different reason for Questing – a different fire that drives them to pursue a new way of doing life and business. As we prepare for Quest 2017, which begins on December 1, we asked a few of our veteran participants to share #WhyIQuest and what Quest has meant to them.

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Today, we’re introducing you to Nancy Seibel, coach, counselor, and owner at Keys to Change,  where she “takes service-centered professionals from burning out to fired up”.  Below, Nancy describes the revelation that came to light during the Quest and how mutual support and sharing grounded a deep and rich exploration of what’s next. To join her and the rest of the Quest community in December, you can sign up at bit.ly/quest2017; then, use the #WhyIQuest hashtag on the social media platform of your choice to announce your participation and your key reason(s) for Questing (and to meet your fellow Questers in the process).


Why did you join Quest?

I had been self-employed for two years, had some things figured out, but by no means everything. I wanted help in strengthening my message, reach and focus and growing my business.

What role did community play in your Quest experience? How did you benefit from (and/or contribute to) the power of DIT over DIY?

I was beyond amazed at the level of support, interaction and encouragement I got from other Quest pack members. Their feedback gave me a vision of myself as strong and capable, with much-needed medicine to offer. It allownancy seibel, quest, new year, resolutions, Keys To Change, whyiquested me to communicate the same confidence and pride in my own business as I had previously had for my nonprofit workplaces.  At the same time, I have been able to share my knowledge and perspective to support others in their quests. It feels good to have your input wanted and valued.

What was the biggest surprise of last year’s Quest? What about the biggest challenge—and how did you overcome it?

My greatest discovery during Quest 2015 is that it’s time for an idea I’ve been incubating for years to move forward. I’ve been working on launching the Department of Hope – a resource to support hope, hope-based actions that build better lives, better communities and a better world. Quest members have been a huge help in this, loving the idea along with me, serving as Visionary Advisors and offering to hold conversations about hope locally and to provide content for the Dept. of Hope blog.nancy seibel, quest, new year, resolutions, Keys To Change

There have been some challenges, some that I continue to work on. First, there’s been some inner struggle about the unknown waters this might move me into. I’ve been dealing with that with the help of my business coach, Charlie Gilkey, who also has been one of the Quest’s Creative Visionaries.  Then, there’s been some logistics to think about in launching this unfunded project and non-income generating project. I’ve more or less figured those out, realizing this project can be low key and can grow naturally through my own and others’ efforts.  Finally, and somewhat frustratingly, life has intervened in a forceful way and caused me to slow down my timeline. That said, the blog page is designed and ready to launch, content is ready and there is more to come.

How has Quest continued to play a role in your life or business throughout 2016?

The connections I have made through the Quest lead to participation in a Quest-member Creative Conversations group that met for several months, and to my growing network of like-minded peers who continue collaborating, exchanging ideas, help, support and encouragement. I know I am not alone in my commitment to business as unusual and that makes all the difference.




Join Tracking Wonder this December for 12 days of collective envisioning with 12 inspiring influencers and a crew of fellow Business Artists: those on a quest to do business as unusual in 2017. Together, we’ll seek meaning, integrity, and impact in life and career while remembering that Do It Together beats Do It Yourself.

Join the Quest at http://bit.ly/quest2017 – then, join us on social media and share your reason #WhyIQuest.

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