Wondrous Insights from Quest2020

Hello Questers and Wonder Trackers!

December has flown by and we find ourselves in the last week of Quest2020. For those of you who aren’t participating in our annual reflective journey called Quest, our community of change-makers from around the globe have been examining how they can shed old habits that no longer serve them so they can design a year with more purpose, openness, and curiosity in four areas: LIFE | WORK | MAKE | LOVE.

We have been impressed by the insightful and inspiring posts from the Quest community this year. To celebrate all we’ve accomplished so far, I wanted to highlight some of the ideas and reflections from this year’s Questers.

Quest2020 Introductions

“I hope to continue in this awareness practice that nurtures my work as integral to my being and our connectedness, allowing that to flow with my engagement with my readers, my “heroes” as we know them in Tracking Wonder’s ArtMark.” ~ Jennifer Schumaker

Q20-01: Best Year

Imagine yourself in December of 2020. As your best self “looks back” upon the year (2020), how have you shown up for your best work and most excellent life? 

“It’s the start of the Quest. I am at the turn of the path. Do I know those people just ahead of me? Are they waiting for me? The stream, how will I cross it? Is that a tunnel to pass through or a bridge to go under? Might it be the entrance to a cave? And what lies beyond it? Taking the Quest is the only way to answer the questions.” ~ Rhiannon Hopkins

“The biggest [challenge] was to get out of my own way and to cast off my own shadow that keeps me small and stuck. I relinquished it by standing in my authority as an industry expert, executing my best work and facing whatever fears came up with confidence and determination that doing those things was in service of my mission.” ~ Tim Snell

Q20-02: What can you do differently each day to bring more purpose, openness, and curiosity to your daily life?

“Daily, ask myself what I no longer need to take forward to my future self (material, mindset, or otherwise). Consistently ask myself (in a loving way) if what I’m doing is taking me closer to my goals. Schedule 5 minutes of PLAY…See what messages arise. This will help me remove the cobwebs and invite more curiosity in.” ~ Brianne Hunsley

“It’s so easy to overlook the small things or to not notice those magical synchronicities that life gives us when we’re too busy. This year I’ve worked towards this acceptance of everything in ‘right-timing’ and being OK when things I have been working at or towards have not come to fruition or completion when I had planned or anticipated. In that acceptance, there is a freedom in knowing that life in all its chaos unfolds in perfect synchronicity as well.” ~ Tim Snell

Q20-04: How are you going to design this year not just to tick off your big audacious goals and be hyper-productive to get things done – but also to actually enjoy what you’re doing – and for you to make your own work more meaningful?

“What was beyond my familiar zone this week was being more open to my thoughts and feelings, especially admitting deep down my fear (what holds me back in various parts of my life) is that what I’d like to create – my book especially – is going to be extremely difficult and I’m not sure I can go through it again. So, I suppose, going beyond my familiar zone could entail doing it anyway and doing my best to not worry about outcome or having any expectations. The fear of the unknown is a cruel trickster and at times, it holds us hostage.” ~ Michaelene Ruhl

“My daily practice will be to return to my mission and to remind myself that change happens outside the comfort zone. Each day I shall honour the impulses of my soul so that I can put one step in front of the other as I ascend the mountain like a climber in fresh snow with no tracks to follow.” ~ Tim Snell

Be sure to check in on the Quest Facebook page next week for more inspiring reflections from our Quest community!

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