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Be Brave: A Poem-Film for Anyone Asking for Courage to Create


For anyone yearning to be heard.

For anyone whose voice feels caged in a cubicle or sliced on a chopping board.

For anyone whose Muse still battles Time and Mind and Circumstance.

For anyone ready to shape a glorious creative mess or message into a Story.

For anyone supplicating for courage to make choices on behalf of what and who matters.

For anyone who has sacrificed for others for too long and now must stand up and take risks.

For anyone poised not simply to write a book but to tell a brave new Story.

For all of us who need reminding that each choice on behalf of creating our Story is a brave choice…

I had this poem-film shot for you.

I’ve been listening and have been moved by what I’ve heard.

If the film resonates, please forward, tweet, link this video note of encouragement to a friend, family member, or colleague who might need a boost.

Share the courage.


Grateful to run with you,



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