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Inside Your Brave New Story

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 1.38.23 AMHere’s what I’ve been hearing: Something in us aches to be free and brave to create what matters. To take risks to stand up and stand out. To tell the Story we know must be told.

But time dogs us. We make a creative mess more than a mountaintop. We’re not sure how to shape our account, plot, or subject matter into a Story that will move the hearts and minds of the people who need it.

We blush to admit any of this because we think we should have it all figured out by now and soldier forward on our own, or we’re convinced our story is frivolous. “Who am I?” we say. “My story isn’t new. I should focus on other urgencies.”

And still the ache burns. And the ache becomes a calling.

For anyone who yearns to be heard and for anyone whose voice feels caged in a cubicle or sliced on a chopping board, I’ve made two things for you. 

One is this poem-film Be Brave that we just released. The response has been overwhelming, and people have been sharing it across all networks. Thank you for letting me know it resonates.


The other thing you’ve inspired me to make is a live event. It’s in the works. It will be remarkable. At an extraordinary yet not-out-of-reach setting. Very limited seats to assure personable attention. All the dogs and aches above we will address with signature substantial content and experiences.


Stay in conversation with me about this event here. You’ll be the first to know about free Google + hangouts, webinars, sneak previews, and author-publishing world insider tips to equip you to stand up for YOUR BRAVE NEW STORY.

We’re in this together. It’s that simple.

Thanks for running with me,


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