Bypass Overwhelm & Make Your Art Happen This Year


You likely have meaningful art of some kind that you yearn to create if not finish this year.

But here’s the paradox we eager creatives live in: Possibilities seem limitless while our human potential is limited.

There are four common obstacles we mortals must face:

  • You have limited time.
  • You have limited capacity to focus before your squirrel mind gets distracted with twenty other ideas.
  • You have limited capacity to come up consistently with novel and useful ideas.
  • And you have limited sweat, stamina, and blood sugar to burn so you can discern and execute on the worthy ideas.

What to do?

I’m inviting you to a free coaching call to discuss how you can leverage your limitations and bypass overwhelm so you can flourish instead of flounder when inevitable challenge, change, and chaos come your way this year. 

Bypass Overwhelm &
Make Your Art Happen This Year

Thursday, January 23, noon-1:30 pm EST
A Free Coaching Call with Jeffrey

to discuss how you can shape your life, flourish amidst challenge,
and create the work that matters most


On this free coaching call, you can ask me a question related to your project and process. I’ll also share with you 6 key skill sets and tools – 6 advantages – designed to help you shape your life so you can flourish this year and make your art happen.

Plus if you’re live on the call, I’ll give you a bonus checklist to help you shape your life so you can make your art happen. This checklist goes way beyond setting goals or creating vision boards or telling yourself feel-good affirmations.

I’ll also give you a brief overview of the learning expedition called Your Potential Difference. I think you’ll be excited about Your Potential Difference because it integrates the art & science of captivating creativity in pragmatic ways you can implement daily into your creative work flow.

Click here or on the REGISTER NOW button, fill in the brief info, and let’s talk this week about how you can flourish and make Your Potential Difference this year.

  • get direct live guidance in response to your related questions about your creativity, process, practice, project, or productivity with me
  • learn the five foundations to flourish based on my research and assimilation of research in the psychology of human flourishing
  • learn the six advantages you can cultivate and start practicing today to make this year the year you make your art happen
  • get a mini-tour of the learning expedition Your Potential Difference

I know. You’re accomplished. You’re intelligent. You’re independent. You have a reputation. You’re supposed to have it all figured out by now, right?

Not necessarily. Our creative faculties and circumstances change every few years. In the past ten years, radical disruptions have shaken the economy as well as every creative and business industry. Isn’t it better for us to figure out these things together than stay stuck in our silos and studios trying to do it all alone?

I have had the privilege to speak to, work with, interview, and study thousands of people who are on a quest to create meaningful work in this world – all while living a life of integrity and impact. I’ve also been immersed in assimilating the best in humanist, cognitive, social, and neuropsychology to discern what practices help us flourish amidst challenge.

You know what? The executives, artists, business artists, designers, best-selling authors, thought leaders, scholars, and other creatives who have flourished do not have charmed, care-free lives. Some of them admit having challenges with attention and obsessiveness. Chaos visits. But they do cultivate distinctly different habits than those who flounder.

Thursday, January 23,
Noon-1:30 pm EST

A Free Coaching Call with Jeffrey

to discuss how you can shape your life, flourish amidst challenge, and create & finish the work that matters most


Send me a question in advance so we’re sure to address your work and work flow during the call. But if you register, no question will go unanswered even if I must answer via email.

Don’t forget to show up live and receive your “show up” bonus – a pdf checklist designed to help you bypass overwhelm and start making your art happen now no matter what. (Note: This checklist is a bonus for those who show up live on the call. Apologies in advance if your schedule doesn’t cooperate to let you show up live.)

I thrive on these kinds of conversations and hope you will join me and other intellectually curious creatives and business artists like yourself. I know the conversation will be robust. More importantly, I hope the after-effect is this year you truly live your quest.

– Jeffrey


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