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Your brave medicine

Your Brave Medicine poster

It’s not enough these days to stay in your creative studio or thought leadership laboratory and create your art.

It never has been, actually. Walt Whitman and James Joyce found alternative means to get their disruptive medicine out into the world. Manet, Monet, Pissarro, and Cezanne couldn’t get into the prestigious Salon to sell their art. So they forged their own society of artists, sculptors, and painters, took over a series of rooms, and opened their own show. 

Look what can happen when these otherwise accomplished artists and writers didn’t shy away from the world and didn’t wait to be discovered or re-discovered: Millions of people have been inspired to sing the song of the Self, have been cracked open to the possibilities of language and story, and have seen lilly pads and ordinary people illuminated just a little differently, more impressionistically.

But now is your time.

Perhaps now more than ever people fatigued with the World of Buzz need what you create and offer and think. They hunger for new ways to think, to experience, to feel.

To be a brave artist or business artist means you challenge the World of Buzz and deliver a different kind of medicine than the white noise being broadcast.

I made the poster above in anticipation of today’s event. If it awakens even a little something in you, share this link with someone who needs encouragement or a reframe on what it means to be a brave artist, business artist, or thought leader in these times.

To download the poster: Right-click the image above (699 KB), print it, and post it somewhere to remind you what you’re here for this year.

Regrets if you missed the event on this subject, but stay in touch via the subscribe box to the right, and I’ll keep you posted on other opportunities.

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