Four Truths of a Brand Story

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People get confused about brands and branding. Some people think branding means pretty or sassy logos. Some people think branding means smarmy marketing. I have a different take. From my years of research, working with clients, and shaping Tracking Wonder’s own brand story, four truths have become evident.

1. Story bonds us.

After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” – author Phillip Pullman.

Story-based brands linger in people’s hearts and build stronger communities. We spend money on stories we want to be a part of.

2. Branding is personal growth.

Shaping a brand story can accelerate self-knowledge more quickly than a year of personal growth classes.

To shape the elements of a brand story requires deeper ways of exploring and problem-solving than simple writing exercises or “doing a website.” They require mounds of self-knowledge and confidence. And they typically require perspective from trusted colleagues or mentors or advisors.

The most valuable brands and businesses – including personal brands and personality brands – are not simply self-expressive. They are self-expansive.

3. DIT (do-it-together) beats DIY.

Learning how to unify a business Story – its messaging, mission, manifesto, & offers that land in the hearts of the people who need that business – is complex.

 Despite our download culture, human learning requires a few things. It requires that we make a complex concept our own (assimilation). It requires that we learn how to test things out (application). It requires guidance and feedback from a pack of smart allies (assessment).

Working together with the right people in the right flexibly structured learning environment with the right smart educational design can brighten your days even when facing big challenges.

4. Every idea brings challenges.

Every big idea begets a series of challenges. Branding or re-branding is a big idea. Try observing, tracking, and solving these challenges with curiosity and craft. That way you normalize instead of pathologize the inevitable challenges in such a meaningful endeavor. And when you can call upon your best talents and skills and perhaps even push yourself beyond your comfort zone, you will find the zone of innovative solutions and ideas. 

What is Brand Story?

A brand is not your website or your logo. It’s a promise of what life can be like with you or your organization. A brand story lingers in your customer’s hearts and draws them back for more, allowing you to have greater influence & impact.

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