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Jeffrey writes books on creativity, productivity, thought leadership, and poetry.

Write To Lead

When you want to advance your message and influence, but content marketing, blogging, and other productive writing overwhelms and confounds you.

Mind Rooms Guide

When you have more ideas than you’ll ever manifest in this one wild and creative life. Free your mind and become exponentially more productive.

7-Minute Prioritizer

For individuals and teams who have more project & product ideas than they do time with no tested, easy method to prioritize one project over the other.

Coat Thief

Jeffrey Davis’s poetry collection that invites you to strip away fears, live with less inhibition, and explore how to lead a lyrical life amidst so much uncertainty and flux.

The Journey from the Center to the Page

Yoga Philosophies and Practices as Muse for Authentic Writing.


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Content Marketing: Lead With Your Story

I see a lot of businesses (as well as online entrepreneurs) make the same mistake when they build a website and venture into content marketing and social media. Business owners unintentionally bring old assumptions about […]

Tapping into Creative Collaboration

The New York socialite Mabel Dodge knew something about putting talented, engaging people from different backgrounds and creative media in the same room. With the right atmosphere and combination of people, ideas could ignite […]

Navigating Uncertainty for Entrepreneurs & Creatives

Navigating I hold space for vast amounts of uncertainty in my life – creatively, entrepreneurially, existentially. My closest teammates, friends, and family know this. But not everyone is temperamentally disposed […]