Creativity & Innovation in Life & Work

Creativity is not the sole province of painters and poets. If you track solutions to challenges, chances are you’re acting creatively. For more, check out this collection.

How long does it take to make a podcast?

It took me 42 years to make a podcast. A fantasy surfaces when you’re a child, and maybe you follow it. You want to be a fierce warrior or a wood fairy. Or both. More than likely, you don’t follow…

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Turning Criticism Into Action

In working with so many creatives and entrepreneurs over the years, I’ve found that typically humans react to rejection in one of two ways. The Stiff Upper Lip: We put our heads down and try to carry on as if…

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Best in Brand & Innovation for March

Photo by Kaique Rocha on Pexels Every month we bring you the best articles we find in brand, innovation, and creativity. March’s digest applies theory and philosophy to creativity and branding. And while one author pushes…

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How Do you Fail Well? – Life Is An Experiment (Video)

In her latest book InGenius, Tina Seelig of Stanford University says failure is really just “collecting data.” Creative, innovative people and small business owners must put themselves “out there” and risk failing. Imagine building your flexible, agile, and evolving brand or business in…

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