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#WeQuest Spotlight – Sally Fox

Every year Jeffrey and Tracking Wonder gather a visionary group of thought leaders for a free online community event called Quest  to challenge and inspire the way you approach your business and life. This year’s round up of visionary leaders includes Pam Slim (Escape from Cubicle Nation; Body of Work), Leo Babauta (Zen Habits), Katie Dalebout (Let It Out), Caroline Adams Miller (Getting Grit), Jonathan Fields (Good Life Project), Dorie Clark (Entrepreneurial You), Ishita Gupta, and Charlie Gilkey (Productive Flourishing).

Quest is about creating a radically possible vision, reaching stretchable goals, and enlisting the support of the international Quest community to help you create the change and impact you ache to see in your life and the world in the upcoming year.

#WeQuest Spotlight focuses on a different member of our community each week who shares how Quest has impacted their work, creativity, and life as Business Artists.

Sally Fox is a consultant, writer, and facilitator at Engaging Presence where she helps professionals and companies find and craft engaging stories that engage their customers and audiences.

Why did you join Quest?

I joined Quest because I am a seeker and a quester, and the idea of questing with fellow business artist appealed to me. I like hanging out with a varied group of people who are grounded, artful, and committed to making a difference while being authentic to who they are.

What role did community play in your Quest experience? How did you benefit from (and/or contribute to) the power of DIT (Do It Together) over DIY?

I loved watching others develop their presence and their platforms, and then find ways to have more impact in artful, authentic ways. I also enjoyed contributing wherever I could and appreciated having a safe space to share my stuff as well. In a world where social media is so full of folks clamoring to get attention  “see me/see me,”  I liked having a space where we could mutually share attention and support.  And I value feedback from the fellow business artists who are drawn to the Quest because they are the kind of people for whom I write.

Tell us about an “ah-ha!” moment during Quest when you made a break-through that helped clarify your mission or direction.  

My “ah-ha” moment came (actually during ArtMark™) when I realized how important it was to tap the essence of myself and my style and to work from my strengths, mission, and point of view as I built out my singular elegant idea. In other words, I learned I could stop promoting so much generic organizational consulting and really focus on my work helping others tell their stories at work and in life. That was liberating!

What was the biggest surprise of last year’s Quest? What about the biggest challenge—and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge was acknowledging that after four years of building my brand I was still a beginner with so much to learn. After that, I had fun re-tuning and refining my brand and website throughout the year.

How did Quest inspire and drive you to do business as unusual?

I’ve always done business as unusual!  It was comforting and inspiring to know through Quest that there was a tribe of others doing the same, and I loved the Business Artist Manifesto.

How has Quest continued to play a role in your life or business throughout 2017?

I feel like I’m growing a community of people whom I can call upon and who inspire me.

Why did you decide to become a Business Artist Meetup Ambassador?

I became an Ambassador because I love to facilitate groups of cool people and because I think the idea of supporting business artists is needed and inspired. Plus I learn so much whenever I am able to hang out with Jeffrey and his message.

If you’re ready to put aside the New Year’s Resolutions and map a real vision for your best work in 2018,

join Quest2018 today.

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