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Why DIY is a Lie for Entrepreneurs & Creatives


Now perhaps more than ever creatives & entrepreneurs have access to more knowledge, resources, and apps that empower us to take things into our own hands. But it’s also where we often get trapped.

Maybe we think that because we can kind of sort of figure things out on our own that we should do it on our own and that we’re skilled “enough” to figure it out on our own.

It will save us money, right? Maybe. But maybe not. Not if what your doing so is consuming your finite time and effort. Not if what you produce actually does not bring back your best revenue. Not if you feel isolated and alone.

DIY could be wasting you money and time. 

Here’s something to consider:

Trying to shape vague ideas into a business venture is daunting.

Veteran artist and teacher Nikki Jackson had sat for a few years on an idea that involved creative collaboration. She dreamed of some space or place or venue that would attract accomplished creatives fatigued with competition and open for true collaboration. She didn’t lack experience and smarts and conviction.

Longtime teacher Susanne Peterson also hungered for a way to bring to fruition dim inklings she had for helping women (and possibly men) recognize their innate value, the jewels within them. She didn’t lack passion.

Here are other truths:

  • Trying to piece together all of your existing business parts into a coherent whole and narrative can be daunting.
  • Trying to transition or change your brand can be confusing and scary.
  • Trying to unify your brand messaging, logo & look, plus your offers can send your head in the sand.
  • Simply trying to talk about, promote, and “sell” what you do so you can engage the people you love to serve and earn the livelihood you deserve seems way out of your comfort zone.

Veteran consultant Nancy Seibel struggled to redefine her existing brand mission and Story at Keys To Change, LLC

Apple Hill Farm founder and writer Lee Rankin hadn’t updated her farm’s look and site in years. It required more than a new site. It required a new Story that brought Lee more to foreground as founder and writer and author.

Loraine Van Tuyl wanted to refine her brand presence, too. An accomplished clinical psychologist and founder of the Sacred Healing Well, Loraine like Nancy didn’t lack smarts or passion, and she didn’t even lack a boldness with technology.

The same could be said of Saundra Goldman of The Creative Mix, Suzi Banks Baum of Laundry Line Divine, or Anahata Little of Bodhisattva Healing Arts

Not For Lack of Passion & Smarts

Every one of these people is smart and impassioned. But when we channel our wits and zeal to trying to figure out everything on our own we get in trouble.

Learning how to unify a business Story – its messaging, mission, manifesto, & offers that land in the hearts of the people who need that business – is complex.

But the process also can be infinitely enjoyable and rewarding.

Human learning – despite our download culture – requires a few things. It requires that we make a complex concept our own (assimilation). It requires that we learn how to test things out (application). It requires guidance and feedback.

Tying to figure out complicated stuff locked up in a room on your own usually does not a smile to the face bring.


In fact, having great ideas and big visions is not enough to be successful in creative or entrepreneurial endeavors. You also need the grounded inspiration, tools, perspective, and support from others to enact those visions.

Maybe you need a community of creative collaborators.

Working together with the right people in the right environment can brighten your days. 

When my visions – for myself, my family, my business, my creative projects – were not being fully realized, I knew I needed to be part of a bigger conversation and a community that shared my vision of doing business in a radically different way – imbued with caring, creativity, and integrity.

And I knew I couldn’t be the only one.

In 2014 I launched the first Tracking Wonder Quest experience and invited a community of like-minded people to gather and take inspiration from a group of world-class visionaries.

Since then literally hundreds of collaborations have sprung up – collaborations we call Business Artist Alliances. Our live community has grown to over 600 members from 15 countries, and they meet up often to compare notes and join efforts.

At Tracking Wonder we have a saying that is part of the creed we live and work by:


DIY is a lie for entrepreneurs. Don’t get trapped. DIT.


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