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Branding – Start With Your Idea Not Your Logo

Branding is a process of idea collaboration at Tracking Wonder. I’ve found deep branding to be a game-changing approach for a lot of people who want a creative yet structured way to gain clarity on what they are about, what…

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Best in Brand & Innovation from September

Every month we bring you the best articles we find in brand, innovation and creativity. This month’s list includes tips for channelling creativity and divergent thinking through happy music, how activities like doodling prevents mental fatigue, leading with your personality in creating…

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Where Do You Belong?

We often seek belonging by matching like with like. In a new group setting, our adaptive instincts seek “likes” (Is she like me? Do I have something in common with him?) instead of differences. Older boys used to heckle me…
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Navigating Uncertainty for Entrepreneurs & Creatives

I hold space for vast amounts of uncertainty in my life – creatively, entrepreneurially, existentially. My closest teammates, friends, and family know this. But not everyone is temperamentally disposed to invite uncertainty. I respect that. So, I also train clients…

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Best in Brand & Innovation from August

Image: Every month we bring you the best articles we’ve found in brand and innovation. This month’s list is full of branding lessons that range from community building and cohesion in your messaging to the…

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Embracing Challenges for Growth

Image: There are problems, there are challenges, and there are obstacles. They’re not the same. Harrison Ford got sick on the set of Steven Spielberg’s film Raiders of the Lost Ark. One morning, scheduled for an intense…

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Do Your Best Work, Not Someone Else’s

Image: Are you telling yourself playing small and safe is your best decision? Archie had made up his mind. He told his two friends he just couldn’t risk starting his own animated studio. “It’s a stupid fantasy.”…

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Break the Isolation & Find Your Creative Pack

Most creatives I know and work with have some variation of this conundrum: how to get optimal doses of solitude and of social interaction. Today’s writing invitation – the final one of the Be Possible Writing Project – takes us…
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Why DIY is a Lie for Entrepreneurs & Creatives

Now perhaps more than ever creatives & entrepreneurs have access to more knowledge, resources, and apps that empower us to take things into our own hands. But it’s also where we often get trapped. Maybe we think that because we can kind…

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Tapping into Creative Collaboration

Collaboration, it turns out, is essential for creative productivity and innovation. The New York socialite Mabel Dodge knew something about putting talented, engaging people from different backgrounds and creative media in the same room. With the right atmosphere and combination…

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