Thoreau & Why You Should (or not) Care About Branding

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When the World of Buzz grows loud with exclamations telling you to try out the latest marketing gizmo (Periscope, anyone?) so you can get big and famous, I take a MindWanderness Break in my WEN Pond canoe.

I wanted a way to bring you with me. So, come along. Let’s get perspective on:

  • the brand you already have
  • your responsibility to own your brand with your valuable cup of coffee
  • and why the 3-part why of your brand story matters.




This video marks the first of the Brand Story Boat Ride series.

And, one thing to note: At the video’s end, I give you a special invitation to continue the ride.

Beyond the distracting buzz, maybe there’s something worth listening to.

Since we’re in the boat together, share what brand challenge you’re working and wondering through.


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One Comment

  1. Other than the drop-dead gorgeous setting (I am so jealous of your pond!) the part that captured my attention was how is what I am offering resonant to the times. This is especially important in my work with teachers because “the times” are everything–emphasis on accountability, over-testing, evaluating teachers based on student test scores, reduced funding, scripted teaching, increased social problems and poverty of students….the list could go on and on. Thank you for this insight and see you in Art Mark!