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Your mind is vast. Love & use all of it.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 9.02.30 AMYou might be at war with your mind. And you’re not to blame.

I talk with a lot of smart people, accomplished people, talented and sensitive people who want a different approach to problem-solving their projects and lives. They want to make changes in how they advance their endeavors, how they engage their audiences, how they earn a viable right livelihood doing more of what they are best at.

Yet as they problem-solve, they often only bring small parts of their minds to the table. Those parts usually fall into two extremes. There are the business-leaning people who have learned to spread sheet and project manage their way to success. In reaction, there are the “authenticity-leaning” people who expend a lot of time trying to trust their gut, and then second-guess their gut, and then trust it again.

Both groups diminish vast parts of their business artist mind that together could be rallied as allies instead of as foes.

You might have been fed misguiding messages not to trust your mind but to trust your gut. Or to write from your heart not from your mind. Or that you spend too much time in your head.

Those dualities – mind/gut, heart/mind, head/body – don’t really make sense. Unfortunately, these well-intended admonitions can create civil wars within your mind. I’ve witnessed those wars over and over again in the people with whom I’ve worked and talked with.

Your mind is vast and contains far more than the little worrier. So much more than the analytical processor. So much more than the emotional processor. Your business artist mind is gut and heart and head and body and imagination and dot-connector and synthesizer and self-motivator and more.

Your mind is a veritable brigade. Rally it.

Your business artist mind is vast. Love all of it. (Click to share this. Thanks.)

That’s what we do in our ArtMark ™ program for business artists.

I shot the video below on the Hudson Valley’s Shawangunk Ridge earlier this year. The Ridge overlooks the Catskill Mountains.

Maybe there’s something I say that will help you be a little less at war with parts of your mind and a little more back in love with all of it.

Let me know if something here resonates or triggers a reaction.

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