Does Productivity Leave Enough Time for Creative Thinking?

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Thinking as an entrepreneur or creative, we continually want to advance our best work. But there may be a danger in becoming so attached to productivity that we miss a core part of the creative process.

Where is the balance between getting stuff done and dreaming stuff up?

This is the upcoming topic of conversation I’m hosting between visionary thought leaders in this year’s Quest2018, a free community event designed to help you envision and track your best year.

We each have different creative processes and temperaments.

It’s my contention that you need to understand your own temperament and even your own creative process on a continuous basis, in order to finesse your ability to get stuff done versus just dream stuff up.

There are others who argue that dreamers wallow in dreaming and never get their work done.

In our upcoming roundtable discussion, we’ll explore the contention that coming up with ideas isn’t what matters but rather moving from idea to done is what is important.

Even Scott Belsky the founder of Behance, a site for creatives to showcase their work, promotes a productivity-driven approach in his book, Making Ideas Happen.

This is a worthwhile point of view for people who can get stuck in analysis paralysis. It’s a driven mindset helpful in kickstarting people into action. Taking this approach can help overcome the emotional and psychological resistances hold them back.

On the other hand when we’re perpetuating a culture and society that focuses on productivity and getting stuff done, we risk forsaking vast parts of what makes us human and the parts that make us effective as creatives, entrepreneurs, and change makers.


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#WeQuest Spotlight – Sally Fox

Every year Jeffrey and Tracking Wonder gather a visionary group of thought leaders for a free online community event called Quest  to challenge and inspire the way you approach your business and life. This year’s round up of visionary leaders includes Pam Slim (Escape from Cubicle Nation; Body of Work), Leo Babauta (Zen Habits), Katie Dalebout (Let It Out), Caroline Adams Miller (Getting Grit), Jonathan Fields (Good Life Project), Dorie Clark (Entrepreneurial You), Ishita Gupta, and Charlie Gilkey (Productive Flourishing).

Quest is about creating a radically possible vision, reaching stretchable goals, and enlisting the support of the international Quest community to help you create the change and impact you ache to see in your life and the world in the upcoming year. (more…)

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How to Express Appreciation With Surprise & Delight

Photo by Alex Jones on Unsplash

Do you know that each of us have an internalized way of feeling appreciated? Imagine being able to stir surprise and delight in those around you.

I recently received an unexpected gift in the mail from my dear friend Editor in Chief at Best Self Media, Kristen Noel. In October I participated in the online Best Self World Summit with a number of other holistic wellness experts. I mention the gift because it included thoughtful and specific touches that made it meaningful to me.

To say I was surprised and delighted is an understatement. But that’s because her gift spoke to my language of appreciation.

Many of us express appreciation through the giving of tangible gifts but that’s not necessarily the way everyone likes to be appreciated. In fact, there are 5 ways to express appreciation as outlined by Dr. Gary Chapman in his recent book The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace.

In this video I share these languages of appreciation along with the gift I was given.  (more…)

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Do You Know the Signs of Impending Burnout?


Burnout hits nearly every entrepreneur and creative at some point. If this feels like you, it may be time to declutter your attention.

Recognize this? Your neck and shoulders ache. Your temper is irrationally short. You are more reactive than creative. You worry more than wonder. Your internal eyesight is myopic. There is no vision for the near-future. If you keep pushing forward this way, you just might self-combust. (more…)

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When it’s Time to Rebrand

Does your brand reflect your ideals? If not, it may be time to think about a rebrand.

Adventure. Joy. Provocation. Love. Optimal Productivity. Good Life.

These words are business’s brands.

What do I mean? Your brand is a feeling and idea, not a logo.

A brand is the total emotional experience people have with you, your organization, or your business. Your brand includes the set of ideas and value that people associate with you.

Branding, on the other hand, includes all the elements you and your team own, craft, and create to elicit a consistent experience you desire to be known for and a promise that you consistently deliver on.

Rebranding, then, is not only about “getting a new look” or a website makeover. Those are the outer results and outcomes.

Rebranding includes changing people’s experience with and perception of you,  your organization, business, professional identity, or entrepreneurial endeavor. That effort takes time and strategy with integrity. (more…)

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Branding – Start With Your Idea Not Your Logo

Branding is a process of idea collaboration at Tracking Wonder.

I’ve found deep branding to be a game-changing approach for a lot of people who want a creative yet structured way to gain clarity on what they are about, what they stand for, and how to unfold the story of their next act, side gig, or existing business.

It turns out to be a germane way to differentiate what you do and to rise to the occasion of engagement marketing with more joy than jealousy, more giving than taking. (more…)

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Best in Brand & Innovation from September

Every month we bring you the best articles we find in brand, innovation and creativity.

This month’s list includes tips for channelling creativity and divergent thinking through happy music, how activities like doodling prevents mental fatigue, leading with your personality in creating your brand, and how brands with humor out perform their competitors. 

Humor in Branding – MediaPost

Brands that prioritize the emotional connection between customers and brands significantly outperform their competitors. The more that positive emotional connection is inspired by humor, the better it is for brands, writes Dara Treseder for MediaPost. Make your audience laugh and you’ve tapped into one of the universal human methods for connection.
Dara Treseder @dara_johnson


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