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You can transform your best ideas for a better world into a business, brand, book, podcast, and platform. This collection introduces you to ways to face and finesse – instead of fight or flee from – the inevitable challenges to do so.

Are You a Possibility Junkie?

Note to Readers: One joy of shifting from a DIY attitude to a DIT (Do It Together) mindset is that you get to work with talented people who lift you up. That’s my experience with Heidi Johnson. Heidi has trained…

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What’s the Buzz? The Tolls of Our Digital Addictions At age 24, Levi Felix was absorbed in the Los Angeles high-tech lifestyle, literally living and sleeping at the office and with his computer. Then his doctors warned him: With an ulcer and blood level 70 percent below normal,…

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For New Year’s Resolution-Averse Creatives: Vision + Mastery

Gist: Vision and mastery can make goal-setting meaningful and effective for creatives. 1. WHAT DRIVES US I never make New Year’s resolutions. (I don’t feel so bad knowing that Luck Factor author and psychologist Richard Wiseman’s study points out this practice’s futility.) I used…

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The Art of Shaping Instead of Cursing Time

My four-month-old girl gawked at my gesticulating form from across the study. From her jungle-motif seat, she watched my hands as they whipped hieroglyphs – words and arrows and grids – on my new white board wall adhered to the…

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Motivation By Seeing Impact

In study after study, situation after situation, Adam Grant observed in his book Give & Take that the teachers, entrepreneurs, and creatives who see frequently that their work makes a meaningful difference in others’ lives feel motivated to continue having…
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Each week I offer tools and perspective to help you stay open to what’s possible, question how we could work better, and reclaim a life of meaning and possibility.